Etsy Tips: How to Discover Your Competitive Edge

You’ve got something going for you. You are a creative person with a unique point of view.  And you’re dreaming of taking your business to the big time.

Here’s the problem: How do you stand out in a crowd of creative talent? What is your competitive edge?

Discovering your USP

Nope, it’s not that memory thingie you plug into your laptop.  In marketing lingo, we’re talking about your USP, or Unique Selling Proposition.  Your USP is that remarkable benefit that only your company can offer.  It’s that special something that makes you different and better and awesome.  And, it’s what makes all of those potential customers pick you, instead of your competition.

Great.  Now, how do you get your very own USP?
Very simply, put yourself in the shoes of a shopper, and ask yourself this question:

Why should I purchase from you, rather than your competitors?

The answer to this question reflects the unique value that you offer to your target niche.  For example, let’s say you are a knitter, and you sell winter accessories.  There are a lot of knitters out there — So I want to know, what makes your scarves unique?
Are your scarves special because you only use patterns you’ve designed yourself? Tell me that!
Are your scarves eco-friendly because you use 100% natural fiber? Let me know!
Do your scarves help others, because you donate a portion of your profits to charity? Fill me in!

If you can’t see your USP immediately, don’t give up. Sometimes, that remarkable benefit is something overlooked. It could be something you take for granted, but others find quite remarkable.  So, try taking a step back and looking at the best features of your business from a fresh perspective.

If a blogger were to write a post about you, how would she introduce your business?

When your mom brags about your creative business, what unique qualities does she make sure to mention?

What have past customers pinpointed as their favorite product feature?

The point here is to uncover the aspect of your business that makes it so awesome. The tendency is to say something like, “We have the best service or price or quality.” What’s the matter with that? People make “we’re the best” statements all the time.  Statements like that aren’t unique, and they aren’t helpful for marketing your shop.

Your business is extraordinary because of your uniqueness, your passion and your individual expression. Take some time today to think about the remarkable benefit that sets your business apart.

I’m not kidding, set the timer on your phone for 2-4 minutes and doodle away.  I think you’ll be amazed at how much you can come up with in that short amount of time.

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