Etsy Tips: Reaching Your Ideal Customers

Marketing your successful indie biz requires a clear understanding of your target audience:  who they are, what they like, and where you can find them.

So far in this Target Market series, we’ve covered:

Now, with the image of your “perfect customers” in mind, think about ways to tailor your marketing efforts to reach your target market.  Based on your research, do you know where your target market hangs out?  Where can you find them, both online and offline?


Advertise in Niche Publications

There are, approximately, a gazillion blogs out there on the Internet.  (I counted.)
And lucky for you, there is a niche publication written for every target market.  You can reach your target market on the blogs and magazines that your potential customers are most likely to read.

Example time: Let’s say I sell baby quilts (aw, cute).  I might have several targeted groups: successful young parents with the budget for a $300 baby blankie, hip aunts and grandmas who can’t wait to spoil the new baby, first-time mamas who want only the best for their little ones, gracious gift-givers looking to make a splash at the bridal shower, and more.

I wouldn’t (necessarily) find those customers on crafty sites and how-to-quilt blogs.  So I wouldn’t waste my ad dollars there.  Instead, I’d consider advertising on sites like these, where I’m much more likely to reach my market.


Using Google Adwords is a another way to reach the people who are already searching for your product.  So spend your advertising dollars on websites your customers visit — don’t waste it on sites that won’t get you results.

In the same way, make sure you send your press releases to niche publications relevant to your target market.  Think outside the indie box.

Fish where the fish are.

Smart Social Media

Social media is a great way to connect with your crafty peers and creative mentors.  But is that all you are doing on Twitter and Facebook?  Don’t get me wrong — I’m not discouraging you from having fun with social media.

But, if you are not interacting with potential customers on a regular basis, then don’t expect to see sales coming from social media.  To find those potential customers, try using keyword search to look for people who are interested in the products you sell.

Same goes for blogging. When you blog, do you write for yourself, for your peers, or for your customers?

If you are trying to promote your business by blogging, write about topics that your customers will find interesting, entertaining, or enlightening.  Giving readers an occasional sneak peek into your studio process and inspiration is encouraged, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you blog about!

Is your target market on Etsy?

Two years ago, Etsy conducted a survey to find out more about its users. For a summary of the results, download this file.
Here are some important highlights:

Most users are buyers:

  • 46% of users are buyers
  • 39% of users are both
  • 10% of users are sellers


  • Female – 96%
  • Average 32 years old (41% are between 25-34)
  • Live in the U.S. – 82%
  • Well educated – 63% graduated from college
  • Students – 17%
  • Majority employed full time – 49%
  • Full-time moms – 23%
  • Household Income – $67K

Behavior and Attitudes

  • Find Etsy through friends and blogs
  • Visit Etsy for unique, well crafted products
  • Many are “occasional artists” (68%)


  • 72% have a profile on at least one social networking community
  • Frequent online shoppers
  • Most likely to use text based search over other search options
  • 36% blog

How does these stats match up against your target market?

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