Etsy Tips: Finding a Profitable Niche for your Shop

You are creative.

You have sketchbooks filled with great product ideas, and you dream of starting your own indie business.

Maybe you’ve already opened an online shop, and you’re yearning to get your name out there and be noticed.  How can you find your place in our larger community of talented makers and sellers?

One of the most important steps in starting a creative business is to define your niche.

Before product photography, before social media posts, before email marketing, it’s so important to narrow down your area of focus and decide just what makes your brand uniquely yours.

While finding your niche is one of the strongest tools in your marketing toolbox, trying to put your finger on what makes your business unique and special isn’t always easy. But one of the best ways to carve out a niche for yourself is to cultivate a unique style for your products.  Ask yourself this:

What sets your shop apart from the others?

What is unique about the products you sell?

What is the “something special” that only you can offer?

Your goal in discovering your niche is to concentrate all of your creative ideas and thoughts into the most focused business concept you can.  Your niche helps you discover the groups of customers that are most likely to be interested in your products. A well-defined niche serves the specific needs of a specific group of people. Find that need, and fill it.

Why You Need a Niche

Sometimes, business owners fight against the idea of defining a niche market. “My target audience is everyone!”, they say.  They are afraid that the idea of a niche is limiting.  But the reality is this: no matter how hard they try, no retailer can be all things to all people.

And honestly, why would you want to be?  One of the best things about indie designers, in my opinion, is that they offer a unique point of view, products that come from their heart, products that exude integrity and personality.

Not everyone is going to want to buy your product.  But that’s okay.  What you need to do is find the people who do care, who want to know what you have going on, and who will tell their friends about you.

The good news is this: You have the ability to create something that no one else has made before.  You don’t have to create based on what’s “trendy”, what you “think” might sell, or what you’ve seen work for other people. You are the something special that defines your niche.

When you’ve focused your business concept, you’ll have a big head start in the marketing department.  When you are marketing to the right people, they’ll tell their friends, and become one of your greatest assets.  Here are three more reasons you need to define your niche:

  1. You can use your niche to start building your brand.
  2. You’ll have a better idea of where to focus your advertising dollars.  You’ll know where to look to find blogs and related sites that are catering to your niche.
  3. You’ll be more successful in attracting loyal and dedicated customers.

Next steps:

Remember those questions I asked you earlier in the post?  It’s time to get out that notebook and start jotting down ideas.  Tell me, what about your business idea sets you apart.  What can you offer your customers?  What is your unique point of view?

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