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Best Friendship Bracelet Kits, String, and Supplies

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Friendship bracelet kits are a fun and easy way for beginners to start learning how to make friendship bracelets. These bracelet starter kits have everything you need for your first project, including high-quality embroidery floss, easy-to-follow instructions, and even some beads and charms.

variety of friendship braclets in bright colors including pink, green, and blue

Friendship Bracelet Kits

Do you want to learn how to make friendship bracelets, but are unsure of what you need to get started? If so, you should check out this list of the very best beginner-friendly friendship bracelet kits.

Kits are perfect for beginners who want to try making friendship bracelets and beaded jewelry. Each of these bracelet kits has everything you need to get started – so you won’t have to worry about shopping for extra supplies or tools. Kits save you time too, since they have everything you need in one convenient package. Plus, friendship bracelet kits make great gifts!

What to Look for in a Friendship Bracelet Kit

A beginner bracelet kit will include all the tools and materials you’ll need to complete a finished bracelet pattern.

At a minimum, a starter kit will include:

  • High-quality embroidery floss. It’s great to have a variety of colors, too.
  • Beads, charms, and other jewelry-making supplies.
  • An easy-to-follow pattern with clear instructions. Tutorial videos are a nice bonus!

Some kits may include extra items, like scissors, bobbins, clips, or a project tote bag.

If you need pattern inspiration, check out this list of Easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns for Beginners. Then, check out this guide to Reading Friendship Bracelet Patterns.

Make Your Own Starter Kit

If you don’t find a kit you like, you can shop for supplies separately. This way you can get exactly what you need – as long as you don’t mind a little extra shopping. Here are some of my favorite supplies:

You’ll also need a bracelet pattern, like a Chevron bracelet, Candy Stripe bracelet, or Diamond bracelet.

Without further ado, here are my favorite friendship bracelet-making kits and supplies.

Best Friendship Bracelet Making Kits and Supplies

Here are some of the best friendship bracelet kits and supplies for beginners. These kits are perfect for making string bracelets and other beaded jewelry. Grab and kit to save yourself time and get everything you need in one convenient package. Plus, bracelet kits make great gifts!

Friendship Bracelet Kits

Let's start with some of the best friendship bracelet making kits. These kits come with everything you need to get started.

Supplies: String, Beads, and Charms

If you don't want to buy a complete kit, you can buy friendship bracelet supplies separately. Let me recommend a few of my favorite strings, beads, charms, and other supplies.

More Craft Kits

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