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Four Easy Ways to Make Ear Savers – Free Patterns

Try one of these easy DIY Ear Savers patterns to make wearing your face masks much more comfortable! Whip up a whole bunch to give to your friends or donate to essential workers.

three types of diy ear savers in fabric or crochet

If you wear maks with elastic ear loops, you know that they can run the backs of your ears, leading to irritation. Ear Savers, also called “mask extenders” or “mask mates”, help protect the backs of your ears from chafing while wearing face masks.

You can make ear savers in a variety of ways: sewing by hand, with a sewing machine, crochet, and with a Cricut cutting machine. These are my favorite free patterns for ear savers.

Who Needs Ear Savers

Anyone who wears a mask all day can use one. Nurse, retail workers, delivery workers, doctors, teachers (and more!) can use ear savers to make wearing face masks more comfortable.

Side note: Another great way to prevent ear irritation is to avoid elastic ear loops altogether. If you’re able to wear a cloth mask, try my face mask pattern with fabric ties.

How to Wear Ear Savers

Here’s how to wear ear savers. First, put your face mask on your ears like normal. Then, place the ear saver strap across the back of your head (at ear level). One side at a time, pull the elastic ear loop back and slip the elastic over the button to secure it.

If you wear a ponytail or a bun: Put your hair in a low ponytail or bun, and then place the strap of the ear saver above your ponytail to keep it in place.

Here are three easy ways to make your own.

The Best Free Ear Saver Patterns

If you are looking for a DIY solution to sore ears, try one of these easy homemade ear savers. Each guide includes a free pattern that you can download and print.

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3 free patterns for face mask ear savers

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