The Best Punch Needle Kits

Check out this list of the best punch needle kits that have all of the supplies you’ll need to start your first punch needle embroidery project.

Punch needle is a super fun fiber craft that is enjoying a huge surge in popularity.  It’s a great craft for beginning crafters and experienced fiber artists alike.

To get started with punch needle embroidery, you need only a few special supplies

  1. A punch needle tool
  2. A frame
  3. Fabric backing
  4. Yarn

Some of these supplies you’ll be able to find at a well-stocked craft store, some you may need to order online.  If you are looking for a complete guide to starting punch needle embroidery that includes a discussion of the best tools and materials, check out this post: Punch Needle for Beginners

If you’d like to DIY your own punch needle kit, you can source all of the required materials online.  Create your own punch needle kit with the following supplies:

1. Punch Needle Tools

The Amy Oxford Punch Needle is one of the best punch needle tools on the market.  You can sometimes find them in stock on Amazon, or on

If you are looking for a more inexpensive punch needle tool, try this plastic-handled tool on Amazon.

2. Frames and Hoops

If you’d like square frame, try a Gripper Strip frame for best results.  If you’d like a more inexpensive option, try out a no-slip Morgan hoop.  (A wooden embroidery hoop will not hold the fabric tight enough — you’ll want one of these no-slip hoops.)

3. Fabric

The right type of Monk’s cloth is hard to find outside of specialty stores.  You can find it on Etsy or online at Dorr Mill Store.

4. Yarn

Some of the most loved rug yarn comes from Seal Harbor Rug Yarn, Halcyon, or Violet Jane Yarn.  If you don’t need the durable quality of 100% rug yarn, you can also experiment with bulky-weight knitting yarn. You can also use two strands of worsted-weight yarn held together, or even 3 or 4 strands of sock-weight yarn held together.

Here’s another post all about my favorite punch needle supplies, in case you’d like to buy the supplies and tool separately.

5. Pattern

You can make your own pattern, or find one for sale. You can see all of my patterns in my Etsy store.

7 Modern Punch Needle Kits

If you’d like to purchase a ready-made kit with all of the supplies assembled for you, here are some of my favorite kits.

Hoop Punch Needle D.I.Y Kit by The Modern Crafter

Trendy Neutrals Kit from North Shore Crafts

Try this beginner’s kit from North Shore Crafts. It comes with an adjustable wood handle punch needle tool with threader or an Oxford #10 Regular Punch Needle Tool — your choice. It also includes monk’s cloth fabric, an embroidery hoop, yarn, and a design template — everything you need to get started!

Punch Needle Starter Kit from Mini Masterpieces AZ

Modern Shapes Punch Needle Kit by myraANDjean

Starter Kit for Punch Needle by MillicentandBird

Punch Needle Kit for Beginners by BlancLaine

Punch Needle Starter Kit by MegoWorkshop

More Punch Needle Info

Looking for more help with punch needle?  You might like to read my Top 10 Tips for Punch Needle and Punch Needle FAQ: Troubleshooting Problems.

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  1. Love the way you share tricks and explain.
    I’m a Danish crafter (feltmaker/crocheter/weaver/ knitter/and more;-) and now i’m falling in love with this wonderfull work. It’s NOT yet really “in” in Denmark, but Pinterest is a wonderfull place to learn and gerning ideas. I can see that some artists are referring to different stitches in there punch-workings, but I can’t find any directions on how to do them. Perhaps you would like to do a review of them here on your page???
    I’ll cross my fingers, and keep folloving your posts


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