How to Use Benefits to Boost Your Product Descriptions

If you are reading this blog, you’re looking for ways to turn your indie biz into a success story.  You want your shop to stand out from the competition, so you’ve been working hard on your product photos and researching SEO.  But there is one more thing you can do to entice shoppers — you need to write compelling product descriptions.

Of course, you already know that your item description should give shoppers all of the important information: color, size, weight, etc. You want to have clear, informative product descriptions that help your buyer add your items to their shopping cart with confidence

But your product descriptions can work even hard for yoou.  In fact, one way to differentiate your shop from your competition is to emphasize the benefits of your products in your product descriptions, instead of just listing the features.

Because while features tell the facts about your product, benefits tell customers why they would want the features in the first place.  Benefits focus on the awesome results of using your product.  And customers like benefits.

“What’s in it for me?”

To come up with the benefits of your products, focus on the customer’s reasons for buying it.  How will your product make your customer’s life better?  Why should they care about the features?

To turn features into benefits, ask yourself the question: “So what?”

Let’s try an example.  Maybe you sell handmade tote bags.  And one of the best features of your bag is that it has 5 interior pockets.  Now, pockets are a good selling point on thier own, but you can make your product description even stronger by talking about the benefits of those pockets.

So ask yourself: So what?  Those pockets are good because…

Here’s the benefit: Your well-designed tote bag helps a busy mom stay organized.

By spelling out the benefits of your products in your item descriptions, you can better demonstrate their unique value to potential customers.  And benefit-driven descriptions are more compelling descriptions.

5 Steps to Better Product Descriptions

Think about all the features and benefits that customers in your target market think about when considering your product versus that of the competition.

  1. List the features of your products:  the facts, the specs, the data, the dimensions.
  2. Match each feature with a benefit.
  3. To find the benefit, ask (and answer) the question: “And that’s good because…?”
  4. Include the benefits in your item descriptions.
  5. Rinse, repeat.

Connect the dots for your customers, and make it easier for them to click the Add to Cart button.


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