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Learn how to create colorful tie-dye shirts, hoodies, socks and more with these easy tie dye tutorials for beginners. I'll share all of the essential tips and tricks you need to know to make all sorts of tie-dye designs – including bleach tie dye, ice dye, and that perfect rainbow spiral – right at home.

Tie-dye is a resist-dyeing technique that often uses bright, saturated colors and bold patterns. To tie-dye a garment, first, fold the fabric and tie it up with string or rubber bands. Then, apply the dye. You can dip the shirts in buckets of dye, apply the liquid dye with squirt bottles, or sprinkle the powdered dye over ice.

The folds, rubber bands, and ties act as a resist, preventing the dye from saturating the fabric evenly. Any part of the fabric that the dye can't reach will stay white, creating the cool tie dye design.

These how-to articles and tutorials will cover the basics of tie-dye: how to prep, tie, dye, and wash tie-dyed garments. I'll show you the best and brightest types of dye to buy, as well as all the other basic supplies you'll need.

I'll also teach you how to tie some of the most popular tie-dye patterns, such as the scrunch technique, the rainbow swirl, the bullseye, sunbursts, and shibori-inspired designs. Be sure to keep reading for tie-dye designs with easy-to-follow instructions.

And of course, I'll answer your frequently asked questions about how to tie-dye. You'll get all of my best tips and tricks so that you can get a great result the first time, and every time, you dye.

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