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About Sarah

Hi, I’m Sarah, and I collect hobbies.

Wait, what I mean is: I love crafts.  All of them.  Crochet, quilting, embroidery, Cricut…I basically just hoard art supplies at this point.  Walking into my office is like walking into your own mini-Joann. (My kids love this about me.)

I design and share approachable craft tutorials that make you feel creative, and make your friends and family say, “How did you make that”?

My craft tutorials have been featured in Scientific American, Vox, Good Housekeeping, Yahoo, Apartment Therapy, and more.

And each month, more than a million people come to to get inspired and find their next craft project.

What will you make next?

  • Are you a maker looking for your next craft project?
  • Are you a creative person who wants to learn a new skill?
  • Are you a Cricut beginner who wants to finally learn how to use her machine?

If you’re here to learn and get inspired, you’re in the right place. Keep reading.

Everyone deserves to feel creative.

I want to help you make whatever you want. And I like to break it down, step-by-step, so even complicated projects feel completely doable.

The best piece of praise I ever got from a reader was:

“FINALLY. I’ve been trying to learn this for weeks. Every tutorial I’ve read has only frustrated me and made me wonder what I’m doing wrong.

Today, I found yours and discovered why I wasn’t getting it — NO ONE ELSE has explained the very first steps. Which are, like, HALF the instructions!

I finally have a nice little project going. Thank you so much!!

Helping people find satisfaction in making things makes me so happy, and drives everything I do.

Want to get inspired, too?

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I’m so excited you’re here. Let me show you around.

If you’re a crochet beginner who wants to learn the basic stitches, then you should check out these tutorials.

If you’re a crocheter who’s searching for your next pattern, I think you’ll like these:

If you’re new to Cricut and need help navigating all the mats, materials, and tools, you’re gonna need these posts:

If you’re a Cricut beginner who’s stumped by Design Space, run (don’t walk) to these tutorials:

And if you’re an all-around-crafter who wants to learn a new technique, I’ve got you too.

Curious to know more?

When I’m not writing or teaching, you can find me:

  • curled up with a good book. My Kindle is charged and I’m always looking for good recommendations.
  • down in the basement, throwing mugs on my 35-year-old pottery wheel.  It’s so fun!
  • sitting in my minivan, scrolling Instagram as I wait in the school pickup line. #momlife 

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