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25 Free Christmas Stocking Knitting Patterns

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Handmade Christmas stockings are treasures that often last through the decades. Whether you plan to make a stocking for yourself, your children, or a friend or neighbor, I know you’ll find a design you absolutely love in this collection of 25 free Christmas stocking knitting patterns!

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Christmas Stocking Knitting Patterns

If you’re looking for a way to add a personal touch to your Christmas celebrations, consider knitting a stocking. When you knit a Christmas stocking, you create something that will be treasured for years.

You’ll love pulling out your hand-knit stockings each holiday season, and remembering the cherished family traditions that bring comfort and joy year after year. Use handmade stockings as decorations in your cozy living room, or give them as special gifts. Or, if the mood strikes, you can sell personalized Christmas stockings online or at craft fairs.

In this collection of free stocking patterns, I’ve included patterns for both beginner knitters and intermediate knitters. Some use basic knitting stitches and can be completed in just a few hours, while other patterns showcase advanced colorwork for the more experienced knitter. Keep reading for the complete list of patterns.

25 Christmas Stocking Knitting Patterns

Enjoy these free Christmas stocking knitting patterns. Happy knitting!

Knitting Techniques for Christmas Stockings

Here are some techniques you may need to know to knit a Christmas stocking. 

  • Knitting in the round
  • Color changes
  • Stripes
  • Fair isle knitting
  • Intarsia
  • Cables

Many of the stockings included in this post are similar to regular knit socks – just a bit bigger. If making a pair of socks is part of your future knitting goals, consider a Christmas stocking an excellent place to start!

Favorite Knitting Supplies

Here are some supplies you may need to knit your Christmas stockings:

  • Circular needles
  • Double pointed needles
  • Yarn
  • Stitch markers
  • Stitch holder
  • Other notions, such as a tapestry needle, scissors, or pom poms. Check your pattern for the specific tools and supplies required. 

Best Yarn for Christmas Stocking Patterns

When choosing the best yarn for your stockings, consider purchasing a high-quality yarn, since your stocking may very likely be passed down through the generations!

Here are some of my favorite yarns for knitting Christmas stockings:

  • Cascade 220 
  • Wool of the Andes
  • Red Heart with Love

Tips for Knitting Stockings

Here are some tips for making the perfect knit Christmas stockings.

Choose the Best Pattern for Your Skill Level

To avoid discouragement, check out the suggested skill level before starting a pattern. Most patterns specify the intended knitting level near the top or beginning of the pattern.

Knitted stocking patterns are available for every level, from beginners to the most advanced knitters. I’ve included something for nearly everyone on this list, so I hope you find one you love!

Select the Correct Yarn Weight

Be sure to check your pattern to see what yarn weight it suggests. Christmas stocking patterns can be made with a variety of different yarn weights. However, using a weight other than the intended yarn weight for your particular pattern may cause your stocking to turn out too large or too small.

Check Your Gauge and Measure as You Go

While matching your gauge is less critical for Christmas stockings than for clothing or other wearable items, checking your gauge is still an excellent way to ensure that your stockings work up correctly. Matching gauge is especially important if you’re making multiple stockings and you want them to all be the same size.

Practice Colorwork Techniques if Needed

If you’re not quite comfortable with colorwork yet, take the time to create a practice swatch before starting on your stocking. Colorwork can be a bit confusing the first time or two, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be creating beautiful designs in no time! 

More Knitting Patterns

After you finish knitting your Christmas stockings, check out our other free knitting patterns.

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