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50+ Cute Valentine’s Day Sayings

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I love cute Valentine’s Day sayings and puns, don’t you? I’ve gathered more than 50 of my favorite cute Valentine’s puns and sayings that you can use to make Valentines with your kids or for the classroom.

For a quick and easy Valentine’s Day card, just write any of these sayings on a gift tag and attach it to the suggested gift. Pair one of these cute sayings with a small piece of candy, snack, or small toy — and you’ve got yourself an easy DIY Valentine for your kid’s classmates.

Need easy printable gift tags or treat bags? Here are some cute printable cards that you can download instantly.

I hope this list will help you find the perfect saying for your Valentines. It’s organized into a few categories to help you find what you’re looking for: candy, non-candy snacks, small toys, and animals.

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Candy Valentines Sayings

1. You blow me away.  Pair with a Blow Pop.

2. You are a “beary” special friend. Pair with a small bag of gummy bears, or even Teddy Grahams.

3. You’re such a smartie! Attach this card to a roll of Smarties candies.

4. I think you’re a star! This would be cute paired with a couple of Starburst candies. These biodegradable paper treat bags are a nice way to package small items.

5. You’re off the hook! Pair this saying with a small bag of gummy worms.

6. You are one in a melon! This would be cute with watermelon candies, like Sour Patch Watermelons.

7. I love you to pieces! Pair with a bag of Reese’s Pieces candies.

8. I like you berry much! You could pair this saying with berry-flavored fruit snacks or even fresh berries.

9. You are a gem of a friend! Attach this saying to a Ring Pop for a fun Valentine.

10. We are mint to be. You could pair this saying with a small box of Junior Mints or another mint-flavored candy.

11. Valentine, I “chews” you. Pair this will a small bag of gumballs or a pack of gum.

12. XOXO – This would be cute with a small bag of Hershey’s Kisses.

Snacks Valentines Sayings

13. I’m bananas for you. Pair this with a fresh banana, or a small bag of banana chips.

14. You are the apple of my eye. This would be cute with a fresh apple, or apple chips.

15. You are o-fish-ally awesome.  You could pair this with a small bag of Goldfish crackers.

16. Valentine, I’m so glad we’re in the same school. This would be cute with a bag of Goldfish crackers, or you could do Swedish Fish.

17. I’m hooked on you.  Another fish pun!  Pair with Goldfish or Swedish Fish.

18. You are such a cutie! – Pair this with a fresh clementine.

19. You are “O” so special!  This would be great with a small bag or box of Cheerios.

20. We’re the perfect “pear”.  You guessed it, add this saying to a fresh pear.

21. “Donut” go breaking my heart. Pair this with a donut or donut holes.

22. I value our friend-chip. Add this saying to a snack-size bag of chips.

23. We go together like cheese and crackers.  This would be cute with a snack-size bag of Cheese-Its.

24. I’m so lucky to be your friend.  Pair this saying with a small bag or snack-size box of Lucky Charms

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Toys Valentines Sayings

25. Valentine, you are a-maze-ing.  If you can find some of those marble mazes, they would be perfect.  If not, you can find a lot of printable mazes to pair with this cute Valentine’s Day saying.

26. Valentine, you float my boat.  Small boat toys, or other floating toys would be perfect to pair with this saying.

27. You are just “write” for me! Pair this with a cute pencil, pen, or marker.

28. I wheelie like you.  You can pair this Valentine’s quote with small Matchbox cars, or little bike toys.

29. I like the way you roll. This would be cute with a squishy ball, or a bouncy ball.

30. Valentine, you blow me away.  Pair this saying with a bottle of bubbles.

31. I think you are a-doh-able.  Add this saying to a mini-size container of Play-doh.

32. I’m stuck on you.  This saying is so versatile because you can pair it with any type of sticker you like.

33. You’re number 1 in my book.  Pair this saying with a Valentine’s bookmark.

34. Valentine, you rule.  Pair this saying with a colorful ruler.

35. You light up my life. This saying would be so cute paired with a glow stick or a glow necklace.

36. Valentine, “bee” mine. Pair this saying with a tube of Burt’s Bee lip balm.

37. You are the highlight of my day. Add this tag to a highlighter marker for a super cute classroom valentine.

38. I get a kick out of you. This would be cute paired with a mini soccer ball, or soccer-themed stickers or pencils.

39. You color my world. Pair this saying with a small box of crayons.

40. Will you be my valen-slime? If you or your kiddo like making slime, you could pair this saying with a small container of slime. These little containers would be perfect.

41. You knock my socks off.  Fuzzy pink socks, anyone?

42. I think you’re ex-straw special. Pair this saying with a fun, reusable, crazy straw.

43. Eye think we make a great pair. This saying would be great paired with a funny pair of novelty sunglasses.

Animals Valentines Sayings

With these animal Valentine’s Day puns, you could pair them with a small toy figurine, animal erasers, animal stickers, or other small animal toys.

44. I think you are purr-fect.  Cat stickers or other cat toys.

45. You are toad-aly awesome. I see this working well with those plastic jumping frogs, or other frog-themed stickers.

46. You’re dino-mite. Pair with mini dinosaur toys, or these fun dinosaur eggs.

47. You make my heart jump.  Jumping animals work well for this.  You could use a frog, a kangaroo, or even a bunny.

48. I’m wild about you.  Any wild animal works well for this saying.

49. You’re dog-gone cute. Pair this with a small dog toy, stickers, or an eraser.

50. You are turtle-y awesome.  A small turtle toy, stickers, or erasers.

51. Will “zoo” be my valentine?  This saying is great if you find a bag of assorted animal toys.

More Valentine’s Day Ideas

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of cute sayings for Valentine’s Day. Be sure to check out Free Printable Valentines for Kids next!

Here are some more Valentine’s Day ideas you may be interested in.

more than 50 cute sayings for Valentine's Day

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