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25 Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns You’ll Love to Make

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Are you looking for your next jelly roll quilt pattern? You’re in the right place! In this blog post, you’ll find a list of my favorite easy jelly roll quilt patterns. Whether you want to make a simple strip quilt, a jelly roll race quilt, or a more complicated design, you’ll find the perfect pattern in this list.

photo collage of 4 jelly roll quilts with the text "25 Free & Easy Jelly Roll Quilts"

Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

Quilting with jelly roll strips is a fun, easy way to get into quilting. In the list below, we’ve curated 25 easy jelly roll quilt patterns that are perfect for beginners – or anyone who’d like a quick quilting project. 

You’ll find a wide variety of jelly roll quilts – from simple strip quilts to modern chevrons and traditional log cabins. The patterns are really quite versatile, and easy to adapt to your style. You can change the colors and adjust the size of the pattern as needed. 

About Jelly Rolls

First, let’s talk about what jelly rolls are and why you’d want to use them. 

What is a jelly roll?

A jelly roll is a bundle of pre-cut fabric strips. Each strip measures 2 ½” wide by 42″ -45″ long, which is the width of a bolt of fabric. As the name implies, the strips are packaged in a rolled-up bundle, called a “jelly roll.”

Each jelly roll contains about 40 strips of cotton fabric in a variety of colors and prints. When you purchase a jelly roll, you not only save yourself hours of cutting time, but you’ll also automatically have a set of beautifully coordinating fabrics.

two jelly rolls with pink, orange, green and blue floral fabric

Other names for a jelly roll

The term “jelly roll” actually originated with Moda Fabrics. It’s probably the most common way that you’ll hear these 2 ½” strip bundles described. However, there are also other names for jelly rolls that other fabric companies use. 

Other names include:

  • Design Roll – by Free Spirit
  • Roll Up – by Robert Kaufman Fabrics
  • Rolie Polie – by Riley Blake
  • Strip Sets – by Island Batik
  • Bali Pops – Hoffman Fabrics

What is a jelly roll quilt?

A jelly roll quilt is simply a quilt that is made of pre-cut, 2 ½” jelly roll strips. Most jelly roll patterns tend to be fairly simple. They’re perfect for making quick, eye-catching quilts in your favorite color scheme. A jelly roll quilt is an ideal project for a beginner quilter.

25 Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

Here are 25 free and easy jelly roll quilt patterns to get you started.

Why You’ll Love Quilting with Jelly Rolls

Quilting with pre-cut jelly roll strips allows you to spend less time cutting your fabric, and more time sewing and piecing together your quilt top (the fun part!). Using jelly roll fabric is an excellent way to create quick, easy, and beautiful quilts, while still leaving plenty of room for creativity.

Because jelly roll fabric is already cut into strips, you’ll save tons of time in the preparation stages of making your quilt. Using a jelly roll, you may even be able to finish your quilt top in an afternoon!

Where to Buy Jelly Roll Fabric

Jelly roll fabric is available at nearly any fabric or craft store. Popular jelly roll fabric companies include Moda Fabrics, Riley Blake, Hoffman Fabrics, and more. You can find lots of choices from suppliers such as Fat Quarter Shop and Etsy.

How to Make Your Own Jelly Roll Strips

If you have extra fabric on hand, it’s also easy to make your own jelly roll strips. Making your own jelly roll strips is a perfect way to use up those smaller pieces of fabric that you still love.

To make your own jelly roll strips, simply cut your fabric into 2 ½” wide strips. If you have a full length of fabric, you can cut from selvage to selvage, or across the width of the fabric (WOF). 

However, even if you don’t have 44″-long fabric, many of the patterns below allow you to use shorter pieces of 2 ½” wide fabric strips.

How to Make a Jelly Roll Quilt

The basic steps of a jelly roll quilt are just like any other quilt. The difference is that the quilt top can often be pieced together very quickly since your fabric is mostly pre-cut. 

Here are the basic steps for making a jelly roll quilt.

  1. Choose your pattern. The patterns listed below will provide you with an excellent place to start!
  2. Purchase your fabric. Search for a high-quality jelly roll fabric for your quilt top. Jelly rolls are made from cotton fabric.
  3. Start piecing your quilt top. Lay out your jelly roll pieces as your pattern suggests, and then start sewing!
  4. Assemble your quilt. Quilts are made up of three basic components. Layer your quilt top, your batting, and your backing fabric. (Think of it as a quilt sandwich!)
  5. Quilt the layers together. Quilt through all of the layers of your sandwich using a walking foot or free-motion foot. Use straight lines, squiggly lines, or patterns to add character.
  6. Trim and bind your quilt. Lastly, trim your top, batting, and backing layers so that they are even. Then, sew on your binding around the edges to finish off your quilt.

Now that you know all about jelly rolls and jelly roll quilts, let’s get to the patterns. Enjoy!

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photo collage of 4 jelly roll quilts with the text "25 Free & Easy Jelly Roll Quilts"

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