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27 Free Fingerless Gloves Knitting Patterns

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Keep the cold out and the warmth in with a pair of knit fingerless gloves. When you want toasty hands but still need plenty of dexterity, fingerless gloves are just perfect. 

Whether you call them fingerless gloves, mitts, or wristwarmers, you’re sure to find your new favorite pattern on our list of 27 fingerless gloves knitting patterns. With so many different styles, there’s a pair of fingerless gloves out there for everyone.

photo collage of four pairs of knit fingerless gloves patterns

Free Fingerless Gloves Knitting Patterns

It seems like nearly everyone struggles with cold hands at some point during the fall and winter months. Fingerless gloves offer the perfect solution for helping your hands stay warm while allowing you to still go about your daily tasks.

Whether working at the office, going for an autumn bike ride, knitting away, or enjoying a cup of tea, fingerless gloves are ideal for keeping your hands toasty yet usable.

Already have a pair? Knitted fingerless gloves also make excellent gifts! They’re a perfect small project that you can knit up quickly. If you love making fingerless gloves, you could also whip up a few more sets to sell. 

Fingerless Gloves Knitting Patterns

Whether you call them fingerless gloves, mitts, or wristwarmers, you're sure to find your next knitting pattern in this list.

How to Knit Fingerless Gloves

There are a few different methods that work well when it comes to knitting fingerless gloves: some are knit in the round from wrist to fingers, and others are knit flat and seamed at the end. 

 Here are the basic steps for knitting fingerless gloves in the round:

  1. Cast on a number of stitches, and join to work in the round. Then, knit the cuff section. Most cuffs are made in a ribbing stitch.
  2. Continue knitting, before dividing the stitches to create the thumb gusset (or thumb hole).
  3. Continue working in the round, and finish the hand section with another section of ribbing.
  4. Go back and work the thumb(Some patterns include a knit thumb, while others feature a simple thumb hole).
  5. Last but not least, repeat these steps to make your second glove. 

Knitting Techniques You Might Need

Here are some techniques that are common when knitting fingerless gloves. If you’re unfamiliar with these techniques, take some time to familiarize yourself with them before getting started. 

  • Knitting in the round with circular needles or a magic loop
  • Knitting with DPNs
  • Knitting with straight needles and seaming

In addition, be sure to read through your pattern thoroughly before you start to ensure that you know the required techniques for your specific glove pattern.


Read these tips before starting your first pair of fingerless gloves.

Choose the right yarn.  

You’ll want to select a yarn that is the correct yarn weight and fiber content. It’s essential to check your pattern details to see what yarn weight is recommended. This will ensure that you get the best fit for your gloves.

And, since fingerless mitts can get dirty, you’ll want to choose a durable yarn that you can easily wash. Look for superwash or acrylic yarn if you’re going to machine wash your gloves.

Make a gauge swatch.

Knitting a gauge swatch is especially important for clothing items or anything that will be worn, such as gloves. If you get the correct gauge, you can be confident that your finished gloves will fit. 

Try on as you go to check the fit.

Usually, fingerless mitts will look small during the knitting process. Don’t worry too much – they will stretch when you put them on! If you’re nervous, you can try on your gloves a few times throughout the knitting process to check the fit.


Here are some commonly asked questions about knitting fingerless gloves.

How much yarn do I need for a pair of fingerless gloves?

Many knitted fingerless gloves only require one skein of yarn. However, you’ll want to check the specific pattern to see how much yarn you need. Larger or longer pairs of gloves may require more than one skein.

What’s the best yarn for knitted fingerless gloves?

When choosing yarn for your fingerless gloves, you’ll probably want to look for something durable and easily washable. Look for superwash wool or acrylic yarn if you’re going to wash your fingerless gloves in the washing machine.

And as far as yarn weight goes, you’ll want to check your specific pattern for that information.

More Knitting Patterns

After you finish up that pair of fingerless gloves, check out some of these other free knitting patterns.

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Friday 5th of April 2024

I came to fine ONE pattern....looks like I'm going to be making myself several pairs of fingerless mitts! It is really hard to choose just one from this list. I saw at least 6 or 7 patterns that had me opening my yarn stash.


Thursday 10th of November 2022

The patterns look like fun.

Pamela Owen

Saturday 29th of October 2022

I was beyond delighted when I read this post! So many items I've wanted to make! I'm 75 y/o and have made many items in all sorts of crafts, but I've never mastered knitting. My go-to craft has always been crochet; now, I want to dive into the "knitting pool" and expand my knowledge of this craft. Thank you for the many lovely patterns!