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21 Free Circular Knitting Machine Patterns (Sentro and Addi)

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Not sure what to make with your circular knitting machine? Not to worry! This list will give you pattern ideas for every season – from wearables to decor, useful items, and more! Most of these patterns can be created in less than an hour. Grab your knitting machine and some yarn, and enjoy these 21 free circular knitting machine patterns

photo collage of a button scarf against wood background, three twist headbands against wood background, two-tone beanie against wood background, multi-colored throw pillow on a sofa, and wall-hanging yarn tubes resembling a rainbow

Knitting Machine Patterns

It’s not uncommon to get stuck thinking about beanies when you see your circular knitting machine. And hey, beanies are great! But there is SO much more you can do with a knitting machine, even if you’re just starting out! 

Within this list, you’ll find a collection of beanies, headbands and bows, handbags, loveys, scarves, pillows, gloves, home decor, and more. 

Why use a circular knitting machine?

One of the major benefits of circular knitting machines is that they allow you to create projects much faster than you could with hand knitting. In fact, many knit patterns, such as beanies, headbands, and fingerless gloves, can be finished in 30-60 minutes or even less on a knitting machine.

Because knitting machines involve creating stitches using a hand crank instead of the traditional needle method, a knitting machine can also be less taxing on the hands, especially for those that experience hand or wrist pain.

What can you make with a circular knitting machine?

The options for circular knitting machine patterns are nearly endless! Some of the most popular projects include hats, scarves, gloves, afghans, socks, headbands, loveys and toys, home decor, pillows, scrunchies, handbags, pet sweaters, and more.

21 Free Circular Knitting Machine Patterns

Enjoy these quick and fun circular knitting machine patterns for beginners and more advanced knitters alike!

Supplies You’ll Need

Here’s what you’ll need to create all sorts of patterns on your circular knitting machine.

  • Knitting machine (see below for the best brands and size options)
  • Yarn
  • Tapestry needle
  • Crochet hook for finishing and fixing dropped stitches
  • Notions (scissors, buttons, foam forms, etc.).

Be sure to read through your pattern to find out if any extra supplies or materials are needed.

Best Yarn for Circular Knitting Machines

When using a circular knitting machine, it’s best to find a smooth-textured yarn that won’t get easily caught up in the pegs. Fluffy yarns can be difficult to use on a circular machine. Worsted weight (category 4) yarns generally work the best. However, some of the patterns below also suggest DK yarns or knitting with two strands of lighter yarn held together.

For your convenience, we’ve linked the ideal yarn for each pattern right here in this post, so you don’t have to worry about finding one that will work well! Some of the most popular yarns for knitting machines include:

  • Caron Simply Soft
  • Lion Brand Pound of Love
  • Lion Brand Heartland
  • Red Heart Super Saver

Knitting Machines Sizes

Circular knitting machines come in multiple sizes, and most patterns are specifically designed for a certain size machine. 

Knitting machines are sized according to the number of pegs – or needles – they have. 22-, 40-, 46-, and 48-needle machines are among the most common sizes. The difference in machine size allows for creating knitted tubes of different diameters.

Most popular circular knitting machines

Here are some of the most commonly used knitting machines currently on the market.

Addi Express Professional

Addi brand knitting machines are well-known and well-loved for their quality and dependability. The Addi Express Professional has 22 needles and is ideal for scarves, small hats, bows, and headbands.

Addi Express King Size

This machine features 46 needles and will allow you to make all sorts of gifts and projects quickly! It’s lightweight and is great for hats, sweaters, gloves, bags, scarves, and more.

Prym Maxi Knitting Mill Machine

The Prym features 44 hooks and can create tubes up to 12” in diameter. It’s a less expensive option than Addi machines and does not include a row counter – so be sure to grab your stitch markers to keep track! Scarves, bags, and beanies are all good projects for this machine.

Sentro 48 Needle Knitting Machine

The Sentro is a great option for an inexpensive, beginner knitting machine. With this machine, you can quickly make hats, socks, leg warmers, gloves, other clothing items, and more. Sentro has other machine sizes available as well, so there’s no end to the free patterns you can create with a Sentro knitting machine!

More Knitting Patterns

When you’re finished with your project, check out some of these other free knitting patterns.

photo collage of a button scarf against wood background, three twist headbands against wood background, two-tone beanie against wood background, multi-colored throw pillow on a sofa, and wall-hanging yarn tubes resembling a rainbow

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