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25 Free Crochet Basket Patterns

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Crochet baskets are one of the cutest ways to organize your home. Whether you need a place to throw your wallet and keys, want more toy storage for your kids, or need a hanging basket next to your door for hats and gloves, there’s a crochet basket design for that! In this post, we’ve put together 25 free crochet basket patterns that are great for beginners and intermediate crocheters.

photo collage of colorful crochet baskets

Crochet Basket Patterns

Baskets always come in handy – who doesn’t need more storage? And homemade baskets crocheted with your favorite colors and textures are the best of all. 

Why crochet your own basket? Here are a few reasons.

Super useful. We love that baskets are so adaptable. You can use a crocheted basket to cover up a plastic pot for your houseplants, switch it out and store your yarn in it, or even use handles to carry it around with you while you’re out and about. You can crochet large baskets for storing blankets or small, modern baskets for your countertop. They can even be used as wall decorations. The possibilities are endless!

Great gift idea. These free crochet basket patterns below also make excellent gifts or projects to sell. Everyone can use a basket somewhere. They’re perfect for housewarming gifts, birthdays, or holidays.

Quick and easy project. Lastly, most of these patterns use basic crochet stitches, so they’re perfect for beginners. In fact, many of the patterns on this list can be crocheted in just a couple of hours, and only use two or three skeins of yarn.

Free Crochet Basket Patterns

In this post, I’ve put together 25 free crochet basket patterns that are great for beginners and intermediate crocheters.

Crochet Techniques to Know for Making Baskets

Most circular crochet basket patterns are worked in the round. To do this, you’ll start by making a circle and then continue to broaden your circle by adding stitches. 

Many basket patterns also require using increases and decreases as you shape your basket. 

Lastly, some crochet basket patterns are made by holding several strands of yarn together as you crochet. Crocheting with multiple strands helps to give the basket stability. To crochet with multiple strands of yarn, hold your strands closely together and then just crochet as normal. They will naturally wrap around each other a bit, and that’s totally fine.

Supplies You’ll Need for Crochet Baskets

The most common supplies you’ll want to gather for making crochet baskets include:

  • Yarn 
  • Crochet hook.
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • Stitch markers
  • Leather handles (optional)

What’s the Best Yarn for Crochet Baskets?

Yarns in the heavier-weight categories generally work best for crochet baskets. Look for chunky, super bulky, or jumbo yarns to create a stable basket. You can also use multiple strands of yarn held together to create a thick, sturdy basket. Most crochet baskets require two or three skeins of yarn to complete.

In the patterns listed below, we’ve included recommended yarn weights and suggested yarns so that you can easily find the yarn that suits your specific pattern the best.

Tips for Making Sturdy Crochet Baskets

We love that there are a variety of crochet basket patterns for both stationary baskets and more flexible, foldable baskets. If you want to make your basket sturdy, here are some tips.

How Do You Make a Crochet Basket Stiff?

  • Choose the right yarn. Heavier yarns tend to make a stiffer basket than lightweight yarns.
  • Hold multiple strands together. Crocheting with more than one strand is another way to create a thicker, more dense fabric.
  • Use a smaller hook. By using a smaller hook than normal, you can create tight stitches that are less flexible.
  • Choose a dense, tight stitch pattern. For example, single crochets will be less floppy than double crochets.
  • Add a plastic canvas liner. Plastic canvas is inexpensive at craft stores and will reinforce the shape of your basket.

More Free Crochet Patterns

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photo collage of colorful crochet baskets

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