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25 Free Modern Crochet Bag Patterns

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Looking for your next crochet project? In this post, I’ve put together a list of 25 free modern crochet bag patterns, so you can choose the perfect bag to fit your style and functionality needs. In this collection of free crochet bag patterns for beginners, you’ll find options for backpacks, market bags, totes, zipper pouches, crossbody bags, and more!

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Modern Crochet Bags and Purses

Crocheting your own bag or purse is a perfect way to make a functional, practical project that shows your style No matter your taste, there are tons of options for crochet purse patterns and crochet bag patterns that will blend in just right with your favorite looks.

The perfect warm-weather project. A crocheted bag is an excellent spring or summer project when you don’t feel like stitching up a warm blanket or a chunky scarf.

Great gift idea. If you don’t need a bag of your own (although who can’t use another bag?), a handmade bag can make the perfect gift. Or, stitch up a few for your local craft fair!

Functional and stylish! Crocheted bags have so many uses, from holding your goods at the farmers market, toting around beach supplies, carrying your groceries on your weekly supermarket trip, and more!

25 Modern Crochet Bag Patterns

Here are some of my favorite free modern crochet bag patterns and purse patterns. Keep reading for backpacks, market bags, totes, zipper pouches, crossbody bags, and more!

Recommended Supplies for Crochet Bags

Most of these easy crochet bag patterns only require a few simple supplies. Of course, you’ll need yarn and the correct size crochet hook for each one.

  • Strong yarn
  • Crochet hooks
  • Other notions, like buttons or zippers.

Many patterns suggest having stitch markers, and some require a fabric liner, button, or zipper. 

You’ll notice that natural fiber yarns, like cotton, are popular for crochet bags since they’re often stronger and more durable than acrylic yarns.

And while the suggested yarns vary for each crochet bag pattern, medium-weight cotton yarn is a popular choice for many. If you’re not sure which yarn to choose, you can’t go wrong with Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton. However, many of these patterns below are great projects for using up whatever extra yarn you may have on hand.

Tips for Crocheting Bags

Here are a few tips for creating the perfected crocheted bag.

Use the right yarn.

While there’s certainly room for creativity, using a durable yarn that fits your project type well will make for a stronger, longer-lasting bag. I’ve listed the ideal yarn weight and a suggested yarn type for each pattern to make picking out the perfect yarn easy. All you have to do is choose your favorite color!

Check your gauge to get the right size.

Unlike a sweater or a pair of socks, a bag is usually a little more forgiving when it comes to size. Still, if you want your bag to work up to the pattern’s suggested size, it’s important to make a gauge swatch to ensure you have the correct size hook before getting started.

Consider adding a lining.

Many of these modern crochet bag patterns include instructions for adding a liner to your bag. While not always necessary, a liner will add a professional look while ensuring that your belongings are safe and sound in your bag. Adding a liner is relatively simple and will increase the quality and durability of your bag for years to come! 

However, since most of these bags are made with durable yarn and feature tight, dense fabrics, a liner usually isn’t an absolute necessity.

More Free Crochet Patterns

If you love to crochet as much as I do, check out the following pattern collections.

photo collage of crochet bags

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Monday 15th of August 2022

I was hoping to find a free pattern; like it says. I clicked on the wildrose backpack and it sends me to ravelry to purchase it.

Doesn't make me very happy.

Sarah Stearns

Thursday 18th of August 2022

Hi Rose, There is a link to the free pattern included as well. I've copied and pasted it here for your convenience.


Monday 20th of June 2022

All of them are really good and nice they are attractive but I don't know how to do. I really want to do them

Sarah Stearns

Monday 20th of June 2022

Hi, if you click on the individual links it will take you to a pattern and tutorial for each design.