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25 Free & Easy Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns

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Can you ever have too many baby blankets? Hand-knitted baby blankets are treasured keepsakes, and there’s nothing like snuggling a little one up in a cozy, handmade creation. Whether you’re a knitting newbie or a seasoned pro, we hope this collection of 25 free and easy baby blanket knitting patterns will inspire your next project!

photo collage of baby blankets, including one baby blanket with a baby laying on it, a blue baby blanket, a multicolored blanket, and a collage-style baby blanket

Easy Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns

Baby blankets are incredibly versatile. They’re perfect for crisp strolls, snuggling up with a parent or grandparent, or enjoying playtime on the floor. It seems babies and toddlers can never have too many cozy blankets!

And since they make a relatively quick project, knitted baby blankets are also great to have on hand for craft shows, donations, or last-minute gifts.

Whether you’re expecting your own little one or want to knit a thoughtful gift, this collection of free knitting patterns for baby blankets is full of ideas for both beginning knitters and intermediate knitters. 

Are these patterns beginner-friendly?

Many knitted blankets are easy to make and great for beginner knitters. Plus, their small size makes them much less time-consuming to create than a regular-sized throw blanket.

Even if you’re just getting started with knitting, you can make a baby blanket with a few simple techniques, such as casting on, binding off, knit, and purl stitches.

A few of the best baby blanket knitting patterns from this list for beginning knitters include The Boulevard Blanket (#8) and My Favorite Baby Blanket (#25). 

Baby Blanket Sizes

What is a good size for a knitted baby blanket?

The size of your baby blanket will depend somewhat on its intended usage. Crib-size blankets usually measure approximately 45″ x 60″, while a newborn wrap or floor blanket for playtime is generally smaller, in the 30″ x 30″ range. 

Keep in mind that having blankets in a baby’s crib is not recommended until they’re 12 months old. Still, smaller babies always need blankets for snuggling, playing, and staying warm in the stroller or car seat!

Knitted baby blanket size chart 

Here are some of the most common sizes for knitted baby blankets:

Preemie18” x 20”
Stroller28” x 30”
Receiving36” x 36″
Toddler42” x 52”
Crib45” x 60″

25 Free & Easy Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns

Enjoy these baby blanket patterns for your next project! Happy knitting!


Here’s what you’ll need in order to knit your baby blanket:

  • Yarn
  • Knitting needles
  • Other notions  (scissors, yarn needle, stitch markers, etc.)

What yarn is best for baby blankets?

To make a baby blanket, you’ll want to choose a soft yarn that’s also easy to wash. Babies have sensitive skin, so gentle acrylics, cottons, and blends are usually good options. Double-check that the yarn is washable – babies can be messy!

Our favorite baby blanket choices include Lion Brand Baby Soft, Lion Brand Feels Like Butta, Red Heart Soft, and Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn. We’ve also included recommended yarns for each specific pattern in this post for your convenience.

Choosing straight needles vs. circular needles

Because blankets are typically worked in long rows, you’ll want to use circular needles to hold the large number of stitches. Circular needles allow the stitches to spread out along the cord, so you don’t have to try and squeeze them all together on a single straight needle. 

It could be possible to use straight needles if you’re making a rather small blanket, or if you’re making a blanket pattern that’s knitted in smaller sections. But generally, a circular needle with a long cord is the way to go.


Choose the right yarn.

Baby blankets can become timeless heirlooms, so choosing the right yarn is important. Choose a soft yarn that won’t be scratchy or irritable to sensitive baby skin. In addition, look for something that’s washable and durable. High-quality acrylics and cottons tend to be good choices for baby blankets. 

Make a gauge swatch.

If the finished size is important for your blanket, make a gauge swatch before jumping in on your pattern. If needed, adjust your needle size up or down to achieve the correct gauge. You’ll be glad you did!

Use stitch markers to count stitches.

Stitch markers allow you to keep track of your stitches and rows easily. Though smaller than regular, adult-size blankets, baby blankets are still larger projects that require plenty of rows. Stitch markers can be an invaluable tool to make sure that your blanket turns out just right.

Add a border to help the blanket lay flat.

Baby blankets do tend to curl sometimes, so adding a border is a great way to help your blanket lay flat (as well as to add a few extra inches to the size!) Blocking your blanket is another helpful way to achieve a flat, square (or rectangular) blanket.

More Knitting Ideas

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photo collage of baby blankets, including one baby blanket with a baby laying on it, a blue baby blanket, a multicolored blanket, and a collage-style baby blanket

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