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Crochet Blanket Sizes Guide + Free Printable Chart

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Ever found yourself in the middle of a crochet project, wondering if that blanket will actually fit the bed or the sofa? Blanket sizes aren’t always intuitive – but that’s where this Crochet Blanket Sizes Guide comes in to help. I’ll walk you through the blanket sizes you need for any crochet blanket you have in mind, from baby blankets to king beds and everything in between!

top down view of a finished crochet granny square blanket

As a crochet designer, one of the most common questions I get is “What size should I make my blanket?”. And I totally get it – the long list of blanket size names can really throw you for a loop. What on earth is a Lapghan? And how big is a Lovey, really?

That’s why I’m so excited to share this crochet blanket sizes guide with you. In this article, you’ll find a printable crochet blanket sizes chart with dimensions for common blanket sizes, including crochet baby blankets, lap blankets, twin bed blankets, and more.

I’ll also share some of my best tips on how to easily adapt just about any pattern to create custom-sized blankets. Things like changing your starting stitch count, adding borders, and modifying gauge can make a big difference.

So whether you’re making a blanket for a newborn, a throw for the sofa, or a cozy king-sized blanket, this guide will help you figure out the perfect size to work up.

Crochet Blanket Sizes Guide

Now let’s dive into the blanket size guide! I’ve broken down blanket sizes into four main categories: baby blankets, child blankets, decor/throw blankets, and bedding blankets.

Baby Blanket Sizes

Soft, snug, and oh-so-tiny, these blankets are perfect for newborns and toddlers.

  • Lovey (12×12 inches): A Lovey is a small comfort blanket. It’s something babies and toddlers can hold close, or carry around.
  • Stroller (30×36 inches): Designed to keep babies warm and cozy during stroller rides.
  • Receiving (40×40 inches): A versatile size, often the first blanket a baby is wrapped in. It’s perfect for swaddling.
  • Crib (45×60 inches): As the name suggests, this blanket fits well within a standard crib. It’s larger and can grow with the baby, serving them well into their toddler years.
Blanket SizeInchesCentimeters
Lovey12 x 1230 x 30
Bassinet14 x 2836 x 71
Cradle14 x 3036 x 76
Security14 x 1836 x 46
Preemie18 x 2446 x 61
Car Seat20 x 2451 x 61
Stroller30 x 3676 x 91
Receiving40 x 40102 x 102
Baby (average)42 x 52107 x 132
Crib45 x 60114 x 152
Swaddle48 x 48122 x 122

Note: Now, it’s important to keep in mind that these sizes are general averages – individual designers and patterns may vary. So, always check the specific finished measurements listed on your particular pattern for the most accurate dimensions.

Free Pattern: Check out our free Ripple Baby Blanket Pattern!

Child Blanket Sizes

As kids grow, so do their blankets.

  • Toddler (36×48 inches): Transitioning from the crib? This size follows your child as they graduate to a toddler bed.
  • Child (40×50 inches): A slightly bigger throw. Think cozy forts or reading nooks.
  • Teen (48×60 inches): Basically an adult-sized throw.
Blanket SizeInchesCentimeters
Toddler36 x 4891 x 122
Child40 x 50102 x 127
Tween44 x 52112 x 132
Teen48 x 60122 x 152

Throw Blanket Sizes

Add cozy style to your living spaces with crochet throw blankets.

  • Lapghan (36×48 inches): If you’re like me and wondered about this quirky name, a Lapghan is a cross between a lap blanket and an afghan. It’s designed to cover your lap and legs while sitting, perfect for those who love to relax on a couch with a good book or binge-watch their favorite series.
  • Small Throw (52×60 inches): These are stylish additions to living rooms, often thrown over a couch or chair, adding texture and color to your decor.
  • Oversized Throw (54×70 inches): Bigger than your average throw, this is ideal for wrapping around more than one person.
Blanket SizeInchesCentimeters
Lap or Lapghan36 x 4891 x 122
Square Throw50 x 50127 x 127
Small Throw52 x 60132 x 152
Medium Throw54 x 66137 x 168
Oversized Throw60 x 72152 x 183

Free Pattern: Check out our free Easy Chunky Blanket Pattern that’s perfect for beginners!

Bedding Sizes

For adult beds, the size depends on whether you want your blanket to just sit atop the bed or drape over the sides. For the measurements below, we’ve included 12-16″ of “drop” on 3 sizes. Feel free to add more or less “drop” to your blankets, depending on the height of your mattress and your personal preference.

  • Twin/Twin XL (66×90 inches): Suited for single beds.
  • Full (80×90 inches): Ideal for double beds or full-sized beds.
  • Queen (88×92 inches) A very common adult-size bed.
  • King (106×90 inches): One of the larger bedding sizes.
  • California King (106×90 inches ): Another of the largest bedding sizes.
Blanket SizeMattress SizeInchesCentimeters
Twin38 x 7466 x 90168 x 229
Twin XL38 x 8066 x 90168 x 229
Full / Double54 x 7580 x 90203 x 229
Queen60 x 8088 x 92224 x 234
King76 x 80104 x 92265 x 234
California King72 x 84102 x 96259 x 244

Want the blanket to cover the pillows as well? You’ll need to add a little extra length to account for the “pillow tuck” – about 16-20″.

crochet blanket made with super bulky yarn in cream, pink, and gold colors in a basket

How to Change the Size of a Blanket

With some simple adjustments, you can modify a blanket pattern to create a custom-sized blanket that fits your needs perfectly. How you make those adjustments will depend on whether your blanket is crocheted in rows, or is assembled from individual squares/motifs.

Blankets Made in Rows

The most straightforward crochet blankets use basic stitches worked in rows. These can easily be resized by modifying the number of stitches and rows.

To make a blanket wider, add more chains to the starting foundation chain. This will increase the number of stitches in each row. (Just be sure to add more stitches in multiples of the stitch repeat!)

To make a blanket longer, simply work more rows following the established stitch pattern.

Blankets Made of Squares/Motifs

Other crochet blankets are constructed by joining together individual squares (like granny squares, hexagons, triangles etc). This modular construction makes it easy to adjust the size.

To make a motif blanket larger, you can make each individual motif bigger. For example, you can add an additional round to each granny square to make a granny square blanket significantly larger.

You can also increase the number of squares/motifs to increase the width and length of your blanket. Instead of assembling a grid of 6×8 squares, you may go for an 8 x 10 layout.

Increasing Size with Borders

Adding borders is a great way to make a blanket larger without altering the main stitch pattern. Single crochet, half double crochet, or double crochet borders can add several inches to the length and width easily.

Tips for Adjusting Blanket Sizes

Sometimes, you may need to tweak a pattern’s dimensions to get the exact size you want. Here are some tips for adjusting any crochet blanket pattern to create a custom-sized blanket:

Importance of Gauge: First, get familiar with gauge. I know, it sounds boring. But gauge is so important for getting the sizing right! It refers to the number of stitches and rows in a set area, usually a 4×4 inch square. If your swatch gauge is looser than the pattern gauge, your finished blanket will turn out larger than expected. You can tweak your hook size to tighten or loosen your stitches and match the gauge precisely.

Understanding Stitch Multiples: Next, pay attention to stitch multiples in the pattern. This tells you how many stitches are in one full repeat of the stitch pattern. For example, a “stitch multiple of 3” means each repeat takes up 3 stitches. Knowing the multiples allows you to easily add or subtract starting chains in neat increments that work with the pattern.

Calculating Yardage Requirements: Changing the blanket size means your yarn requirements will change as well. To estimate the new yardage, crochet a generous swatch (say 10in x 10in), then unravel it to measure how much yarn you used. Do a quick calculation based on your custom size to estimate how much yarn you’ll need for your custom project.

crochet granny square blanket draped on the back of a chair against a white background

FAQs about Blanket Sizes

Let’s tackle some of the most common questions about crochet blanket sizes.

Can I adjust a pattern to a different blanket size?

Absolutely! Most patterns can be adjusted either by altering the stitch count, changing the number of rows, or changing the number of squares/motifs.

How much yarn do I need for a specific size?

Yarn requirements will vary based on the blanket size, stitch pattern, yarn weight, and hook size. Your pattern should specify how much yarn you’ll need. But if you’re designing your own, crochet a large swatch, and measure how much yarn you used to calculate an estimate.

How long does it take to crochet a blanket?

It varies widely. A baby blanket with chunky yarn can be finished in a day or two, while a detailed, king-size blanket can take much longer.

What if my blanket ends up too small?

No worries! You can add a border, or even multiple borders, to increase its size.

How many do you chain for a crochet blanket?

This depends on the desired width and the stitch used. Make a swatch with your chosen stitch to get your gauge measurements, and calculate the number of chains accordingly.

What if my gauge doesn’t match the pattern?

If your gauge is off, try switching hook sizes. A smaller hook will give tighter stitches, while a larger one will make them looser. Remember, achieving the right gauge is crucial for size accuracy.

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