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27 Free Bernat Blanket Yarn Patterns to Crochet

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Looking to make a super-soft, luxurious, and snuggly project? In this post, I’ve collected 27 easy patterns to crochet with Bernat blanket yarn. From toys to wearables to pet items, I think you’ll love the endless options that are available with this soft and beautiful yarn.

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What is Bernat Blanket Yarn?

Bernat Blanket yarn is a collection of soft, thick, squishy, and ultra-cozy yarn. It’s a perfect choice for crocheting cozy blankets and for dozens of other crochet projects as well!

Bernat Blanket yarn is available in a variety of styles in super-bulky and jumbo yarn weights. These chenille-style yarns are made of polyester and are easy to machine wash and dry. 

In the collection of projects below, you’ll find patterns featuring a variety of Bernat Blanket yarns, including:

  • Bernat Blanket
  • Bernat Blanket Big 
  • Bernat Blanket Extra Thick
  • Bernat Baby Blanket 
  • Bernat Blanket Brights
  • Bernat Blanket O’Go
  • Bernat Blanket Pet
  • Bernat Blanket Twist
  • Bernat Blanket Ombre

For your convenience, I’ve added the recommended yarn for each project right here within this article. Feel free to swap them out if you choose; just be sure to check your gauge.

What can you make with blanket yarn?

Blanket yarn is incredibly soft and cozy – but it isn’t just for blankets! In fact, there are numerous crochet projects for which blanket yarn is just perfect. Some patterns you’ll find in this list include:

  • Baskets
  • Poufs and pet beds
  • Pillow covers
  • Children’s toys
  • Hoodie 
  • Slippers
  • Blankets and throws

Substitutes for Bernat Blanket Yarn

If you can’t find the right Bernat Blanket yarn near you, don’t worry! You can always order it online at,, or 

Or, you can simply swap it out for a substitute. Some reliable options include:

  • Big Twist Cuddle Yarn
  • Loops & Threads Chenille Home Slim
  • Red Heart Sweet Home
  • Loops & Threads Sweet Snuggles Lite
  • Lion Brand I Wanna Make a Blankie

Of course, different varieties of Bernat Blanket yarn also make excellent substitutes for your project. As always, take the time to check your gauge before getting started.

27 Bernat Blanket Yarn Patterns

I hope you enjoy these Bernat blanket crochet patterns as much as I do! Happy crocheting!

Reasons We Love Blanket Yarn

There are so many reasons to love blanket yarn!


First, blanket yarn is so incredibly soft! It’s perfect for curling up next to the fire and crocheting a cozy project. Whether you’re making a blanket, hat, or lovable, squishy toy, your project will be a comfort to anyone who gets to enjoy it.

Large color range

The options are numerous when it comes to picking out a color for your project. Choose from a wide variety of solids, or select an ombre or variegated design (such as Bernat Blanket Twist yarns).


You’ll find blanket yarns to fall into a medium price range at your local craft stores. Blanket yarns are priced fairly, making them a great choice even for larger projects such as full-size blankets. Their jumbo and super bulky weights also allow them to work up quickly.


Most blanket yarns are made of polyester, which gives them durability to hold up through plenty of usage and machine washing and drying. They don’t shed and will allow your project to be used and loved for many months and years to come.

Tips for Working with Blanket Yarn

Use a large hook

Because blanket yarn is generally either jumbo or super bulky, you’ll need a large hook in order to crochet effectively and keep your yarn on the hook. 

Most of the patterns in this list suggest anywhere from size 6.5mm / K to 11.5mm / P, and some even larger.

Take breaks

Blanket yarn can be inelastic and somewhat tiring to work with, especially if you’re creating a large project. Using a larger hook can help with this problem, but taking breaks is important, too! Step away every once in a while and give your fingers and arms time to relax before picking up your work again. You’ll come back feeling much more refreshed!

Crochet a practice swatch

Sometimes bulkier yarn can make it more difficult to crochet with a consistent tension/gauge. For this reason, it’s very helpful to crochet a practice swatch before getting started on your project, especially if the exact size matters.

Choose a lighter color and/or crochet in a well-lit room.

Thick, cozy blanket yarns can also be fuzzy, which can make it more difficult to see and count stitches sometimes. To remedy this problem, try choosing a lighter color, or at least ensure that you have adequate lighting to see your work.

Crochet Techniques to Know When Working With Blanket Yarn

To make these patterns with Bernat blanket yarn, you should be familiar with basic crochet stitches like the chain stitch (ch), single crochet (sc)double crochet (dc)half double crochet (hdc)slip stitch (sl st), and treble crochet (tr).

If you’re new to crocheting or need a little brush-up on your skills, check out our complete guide to learning how to crochet.

Supplies You’ll Need

Here are the most common tools you’ll need to crochet these free patterns.

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