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21 Free Macrame Plant Hanger Patterns

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Though macrame is centuries old, it’s definitely made a comeback in recent years. Made with simple knots and cords, macrame plant hangers are a fun and easy way to spruce up a room. Keep reading to find a variety of free macrame plant hanger patterns, whether you’re looking for your first project or are an experienced macrame crafter!

free macrame plant hanger patterns

Macrame Plant Hanger Patterns

Macrame is a relaxing and beautiful textile craft that anyone can joy. And by adding some live greenery to your macrame projects, you can create a stunning display of indoor plants and add some life to your decor.

Macrame plant hangers might seem complicated to make, but with the right supplies and a few simple knots, even a beginner can make beautiful projects! In fact, most plant hangers are made from simple patterns that you can do, even if you’ve never tried macrame before.

Below are some of our favorite free macrame plant hanger patterns to help you get started. Keep reading to find easy plant hanger patterns with only one or two knots, more advanced plant hangers, air plant hangers, wall-style macrame, and hanging pods (or wall baskets).

21 Free Macrame Plant Hanger Patterns

Enjoy these fun and free macrame plant hanger patterns for beginners and intermediates alike!

Learn the Basic Macrame Techniques

Getting started with macrame is easy. In fact, if you’ve ever made friendship bracelets before, you may be surprised to find how similar they are to create (hint: both include lots of knots!).

Here are a few techniques you’ll quickly become comfortable with as you learn to do macrame:

Setting Up

To make your macrame plant hanger, you’ll start with either a ring or a loop. You’ll need to secure this on something sturdy to keep your project in place while you knot. If you prefer to stand up while you work, hanging it over the top of a door works well. 

You can also secure your ring or loop around a table leg, a door knob, or on a hard surface using masking tape. 

Measuring and Cutting the Cord

Before you begin knotting, you’ll need to measure and cut your cord. Your project will tell you how many cords you’ll need and how long to make each one. Take your time to measure correctly – you’ll be glad you did!

Common Macrame Knots

Here are some of the most common knots you’ll find in macrame. In my How to Macrame post, you can find pictured instructions for each one.

  • Lark’s head knot
  • Vertical lark’s head knot
  • Half square knot
  • Square knot
  • Half knot spiral
  • Half hitch

Hanging the Planter

When you’re done knotting, it’s time to hang your planter. Macrame plant hangers can be hung from the ceiling with a ceiling hook or on the wall with a wall-mounted plant hook. 

Before hanging, be sure to find a ceiling joist or a wall stud to screw into so your planter is well-supported. Alternatively, you can use a toggle screw anchor if you can’t find a stud or joist.

Supplies You’ll Need for Macrame Plant Hanger Patterns

Supplies you’ll need to make your macrame include:

  • Macrame cord (cotton twine or rope is most common, but you can also use hemp rope, jute, or nylon paracord for your project)
  • Scissors
  • Plant pot (your project’s instructions may have a suggested pot size, but most macrame patterns are easily adjustable)
  • Wooden or metal rings
  • Measuring tape

What Type of Cord is Best for a Plant Hanger?

Cotton rope is an excellent choice for macrame plant hangers. This 4mm, 4-ply cotton cord is a great option. Its flexibility is perfect for holding plants, it’s easy to tie, and it won’t stretch out with use. You can find macrame cotton rope online or at most craft stores.

Other types of material that can be used for plant hangers include hemp or jute, paracord, and even yarn. 

If you choose to use yarn, cotton is a good option, as it is strong and sturdy and doesn’t have much stretch. However, it’s best to stick to lighter plants with a yarn plant hanger.

How Much Cord Do I Need for a Macrame Plant Hanger?

Larger macrame plant holders can require up to 80 feet or more of cord. However, smaller options or air plant holders will utilize much smaller amounts, as little as 25 feet.

What are the Best Plants for Macrame Plant Hanger Patterns?

Here are some ideas for plants that are easy to care for and will flourish well in a hanging planter.

  • Golden Pothos
  • Devil’s Ivy
  • English Ivy
  • Heartleaf Philodendron
  • Marble Queen
  • String of Pearls
  • String of Hearts
  • Boston Fern

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free macrame plant hanger patterns

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