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27 Free Tunisian Crochet Patterns (Beginner-friendly!)

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If you’re searching for a new crochet project, Tunisian crochet might be just what you’re looking for. This unique style of crochet is a bit different than traditional crochet, but it’s worth the extra effort to learn! And to help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of 27 free Tunisian crochet patterns for beginners. Plus, we’ll give you a few tips on choosing supplies and getting started. So grab your hooks, and let’s get started!

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Intro to Tunisian Crochet

Tunisian crochet, sometimes called Afghan crochet, is a unique type of crochet that creates a beautiful and dense fabric. It combines some aspects of knitting with some elements of crochet – but it’s really its own distinct craft.

To do Tunisian crochet, you’ll use a long, straight hook called a Tunisian crochet hook. These hooks have a stopper at the end to keep your stitches from falling off, and they come in a variety of sizes, just like regular crochet hooks. Tunisian crochet hooks can also be double-ended or cabled. 

What is the difference between crochet and Tunisian crochet?

The main difference between regular crochet and Tunisian crochet is how the stitches are made with the hook. With regular crochet, only one stitch is on the hook at a time. Tunisian crochet, on the other hand, is similar to knitting in that you have many stitches on your hook at once. The stitches are worked in two passes: the forward pass and the return pass. 

What can you make with Tunisian crochet?

With Tunisian crochet, you can create nearly anything you can make with regular crocheting or knitting. However, the dense fabric of Tunisian crochet lends itself well to warm, thick items such as blankets, scarves, and dishcloths.

27 Tunisian Crochet Patterns

Enjoy these free Tunisian crochet patterns for your upcoming projects!

Tunisian Crochet Supplies

To do a Tunisian crochet project, you’ll need the following items:

  • Tunisian hooks (sometimes called Afghan hooks) 
  • Yarn
  • Notions (yarn needle, scissors, etc.)

Tunisian crochet hooks are different from regular hooks in that they are longer and usually have a stopper on the end. Some Tunisian hooks are double-ended, and some have a long flexible cable on the end. 

For certain projects, especially those with shorter widths, you can use a regular crochet hook in place of a Tunisian hook. Choose a plain metal hook with a straight shaft – your stitches won’t glide over a big thumb grip or an ergonomic handle.

This interchangeable Tunisian crochet hook set by Clover includes many different sizes and cables to prepare you for a variety of projects.

Be sure to check your pattern for the recommended yarn and hook size. Keep in mind that with Tunisian crochet, you’ll want to use a hook that is one or two sizes larger than your yarn suggests (your pattern should take this into account).

Common Questions about Tunisian Crochet

Here are some frequently asked questions about getting started with Tunisian crochet.

Is Tunisian crochet easy to learn?

Tunisian crochet is a fairly simple technique to learn, similar to learning how to regular crochet (though the process is slightly different). Some of the best, easy Tunisian crochet patterns for beginners include washcloths, scarves, and simple shawls. 

Can I use a regular crochet hook for Tunisian crochet?

You’ll notice that some of the free Tunisian crochet patterns you can download in the list below can be made using either a Tunisian hook or a regular crochet hook. Patterns that can be made with a regular hook are generally less wide, so that all of the stitches can fit on the hook. Wrapping a rubber band around the end of your hook will help keep stitches from falling off.

Trying out Tunisian crochet with a regular hook is a great way to see if you enjoy this type of crocheting without purchasing any extra products right away. As you start making different patterns, you’ll find it worthwhile to invest in a good Tunisian crochet hook set with various hook sizes.

Is Tunisian crochet faster than regular crochet?

Whether Tunisian crochet or regular crochet is faster is debatable. Some crafters say that Tunisian crochet is faster, while others are certain that regular crochet is quicker. All in all, they are similar, and you will probably be faster at whichever technique you practice more. Tunisian crochet does use slightly more yarn than regular crochet, however.

What projects is Tunisian crochet best for?

The textured fabric created by Tunisian crochet is thick and durable. For this reason, it’s excellent for making projects such as washcloths, scarves, blankets, sweaters, and hats.

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