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27 Free Crochet Dog Sweater Patterns

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Dogs need to stay warm and stylish too! Luckily, crocheted dog sweaters are perfect for that, whether you’re hiking in the woods, strolling downtown, or playing catch at the dog park. Check out these 27 free crochet dog sweater patterns and find one that perfectly matches your dog’s personality!

photo collage of five dogs, three of them wearing striped crochet sweaters, and two of them wearing solid-colored crochet sweaters

Free Crochet Dog Sweater Patterns

No one wants a shivering pup! So why not show off your style – and your dog’s – with a handmade sweater? Crocheted dog sweaters are great for keeping your pet warm inside or outside. Plus, they’re not too hard to make! 

This list below has a variety of styles, like one-piece sweaters, button-up styles (for dogs who don’t like squeezing their legs through tiny holes), and sweaters that strap on underneath. And you’ll find designs in a variety of yarn weights and textures – from bulky textured fabrics to breathable granny stitch designs.

Tips for choosing the right size

Making your own crochet dog sweater means you can customize the size to fit your pet! Since dogs can be tricky to dress, being able to adjust the size as you go is a major plus. Most patterns on this list are available in different sizes, and many of them have tips for measuring and adjusting. From large dog crochet sweaters to tiny, five-pound pet designs, you can make the perfect sweater for your pup!

27 Free Crochet Dog Sweater Patterns

Enjoy these free crochet dog sweater patterns for your next project.

Supplies You’ll Need

To make your dog sweater, collect the following items:

  • Yarn
  • Crochet hook
  • Other notions (scissors, measuring tape, stitch markers, button(s), yarn needle, etc.)

Remember to check your pattern to find out exactly what supplies are needed.

Tips for choosing the right yarn

Most dog sweaters are made with medium- to bulky-weight yarn. When shopping, look for a washable and durable yarn that can withstand lots of use and play! Washable acrylics are a great choice. 

Some of our favorite pet yarns for sweaters include Red Heart Comfort, Bernat Blanket Pet, Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice, and Caron Simply Soft. Below, you’ll find recommended yarn suggestions for each pattern so you can get to crocheting even quicker!

And depending on the size of your pet, dog sweaters can also be great stash busters. Some patterns require less than one skein of yarn.

Crochet Techniques to Know

Before you begin crocheting, read through your pattern and brush up on any techniques as needed. Here are some common crochet techniques for dog sweaters:

Brand new to crochet? Make sure to read through our beginner How to Crochet guide to get all the details before jumping in.

Now that you’re ready, grab your supplies, pick a pattern, and start crocheting a cozy sweater for your furry friend!

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photo collage of five dogs wearing solid or striped crochet sweaters

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