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20+ Free Crochet Chicken Patterns

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If you love chickens, you’re going to adore these fun and quirky chicken crochet patterns! From adorable amigurumi to practical kitchen accessories, this list has something for everyone.

photo collage including one of a pyramid of 6 pastel colored crochet chicks; one brown and one white crochet chicken facing each other with white background; a white crochet chicken atop an egg carton with gray backgrund; and two triangular crochet chickens, with text overlay that reads, "20+ Free Crochet Chicken Patterns"

Free Crochet Chicken Patterns

Chickens are hilarious little creatures, full of personality – the perfect inspiration for crochet projects. You might be surprised to see all of the chicken-theme projects you can make:

  • Amigurumi Chickens: Cuddly toys for kids.
  • Chicken Keychains: A fun way to personalize your keys
  • Chicken Pot Holders and Towel Topper: Add some quirky charm to your kitchen decor
  • Decorative Chicken Cozies: Perfect for your teapot!
  • Chicken Hats
  • Chicken Lovey
  • Chicken Clutch

And hey, if you don’t need more chicken decor in your house, these patterns make great gifts, too — crochet a lovey for a new baby or a potholder for a new neighbor.

Easy Crochet Chicken Patterns for Beginners

Don’t worry if you’re new to crochet – lots of these patterns are beginner-friendly. Some of the easiest patterns for beginners from this collection include:

  • Little Crochet Chick Bean Bag (#6)
  • Cheep Cheep the Crochet Chick (#10)
  • Chicken Towel Topper (#16)
  • Chickadee Potholder (#17)

20 Free Crochet Chicken Patterns

Check out these free patterns for your next project. Happy crocheting!

What You’ll Need

Here are some common supplies you’ll need for crochet chicken patterns:

  • Yarn. Durable cotton yarns are great for kitchen items, while acrylic yarn works well for amigurumi and kid’s toys. Some of our top yarn choices for making chickens include Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton, Red Heart Super Saver, and Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK. 
  • Crochet hook. Check your yarn label to see what size crochet hook it recommends. If you’re making amigurumi, go down a size or two to create tighter stitches.
  • Additional tools, like scissors, stitch markers, a yarn needle (for weaving in ends), and stuffing material (for amigurumi chickens).
  • Embellishments (optional). You may also need embellishments like safety eyes or embroidery thread. (Note: Safety eyes can be a choking hazard for children under age 3. Embroidered eyes are a safe alternative.)

Each pattern is different, so be sure to read your pattern to find out exactly what you’ll need. 

Know Your Crochet Basics

This list has patterns for both beginner and intermediate crocheters. Common techniques you’ll find in these patterns include:

  • Reading a crochet pattern: Understanding written instructions and (in some cases) crochet charts. 
  • Basic stitchesChain (ch), slip stitch (sl st), single crochet (sc), half double crochet (hdc), double crochet (dc), treble crochet (tr)
  • Making a magic loopwhich is common for amigurumi.
  • Shaping techniques, such as simple increases and decreases.
  • Color changing for multicolored chickens.
  • Working in rows and rounds
  • Attaching parts. Basic sewing stitches to attach pieces such as the wings, beak, eyes, and feet.

If you’re not sure whether a pattern is suitable for you, check the suggested skill level and read through the pattern to make sure you understand all of the techniques and stitches used. 

More Crochet Patterns

If you love to crochet, you may be interested in these related pattern collections.

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