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21 Free Easter Crochet Patterns: Eggs, Baskets, Bunnies, and More

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What better way to celebrate springtime and Easter than with these fun and free Easter crochet patterns? From Easter eggs to bunnies to baskets, this pattern collection has everything you need to create adorable Easter decor, amigurumi, and wearables.

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Free Easter Crochet Patterns

Spring is the season of inspiration, isn’t it? As the grass turns green, the flowers bloom, and the animals emerge from their winter hiding places, we crafters can’t help but feel the urge to create something new and beautiful. Don’t you agree?

So let’s get ready for Easter and start crafting with these cute crochet patterns! Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or new to the world of crochet, you’ll love these bright and cheery patterns. 

Lots of variety. Whether you want to spruce up your house for springtime or Easter gatherings, are looking for an Easter gift to give, or prefer more practical projects like a basket or a hat, this list has something for you! 

Quick and popular. There are also lots of quick pattern options that would be great to make for craft shows or for selling online. Chicks, eggs, bunnies, and carrots are some of the most popular ideas you’ll find below.

Great for scrap yarn. You’ll also find lots of great stash busters within these patterns, so you can make something beautiful and do some “spring cleaning” in your yarn closet at the same time!

Are these Easter patterns beginner-friendly?

Most of these patterns are ideal for crochet beginners who are comfortable with basic stitches, such as chains, single crochets, double crochets, and working in the round. 

21 Free Easter Crochet Patterns

Enjoy these free Easter crochet patterns for your next project!

Supplies You’ll Need

Before getting started, read through your pattern’s supplies list and collect everything you’ll need. Here are some of the most common supplies you’ll need to make an Easter pattern:

Supplies for crochet Easter toys:

If you’re making a crochet toy, you’ll probably also need some additional supplies, such as:

  • Toy stuffing/fiberfill
  • Safety eyes (Please note that safety eyes can be a choking hazard for children under 3. For small children, it’s best to embroider the eyes.)

Crochet Techniques to Know

Besides looking carefully at your pattern’s supplies list, read through the pattern instructions thoroughly to ensure you’re comfortable with all of the stitches and techniques used. Some of the most common techniques you’ll notice in these patterns include:

Tips for Crocheting Easter Patterns

Here are a few helpful tips to remember while crocheting your Easter pattern.

Use stitch markers for crocheting in the round.

Many of the patterns below are worked in the round, and using stitch markers can make a huge difference in the success of your project! Keep a collection of stitch markers nearby to mark your rows. This makes it much easier to keep track and make sure you don’t miss or add rows.

Use a smaller hook for crochet amigurumi.

When making crochet amigurumi (which simply refers to stuffed yarn creatures), it’s generally best to use a hook that’s a little smaller than you would typically use. Using a hook that’s one or two sizes smaller than normal helps to create a tighter fabric, which will help keep your stuffing from falling out with time and use.

Avoid safety eyes when crocheting for a child.

Safety eyes can pose a choking hazard for children under age 3. If your project has eyes and will be going to a home with a child, it’s best to embroider the eyes instead of using safety eyes.

More Crochet Patterns

If you love to crochet, you may be interested in these related pattern collections.

free crochet Easter patterns, including spring chicks, carrots, egg coverings, nesting eggs, and more

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