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30 Free Crochet Mushroom Patterns for Amigurumi, Decor and More

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Crochet mushrooms are having a major moment. And with the right pattern and yarn, you can create a charming collection of fungi-themed designs for yourself and your home. In this article, I’m gathering some of my favorite free crochet mushroom patterns that are sure to inspire your next project. Let’s get started!

photo collage of four crochet mushrooms and two crochet mushroom pen toppers, with text overlay that reads, "30+ Free Mushroom Crochet Patterns"

Crochet Mushroom Patterns

Mushrooms are so trendy right now! I don’t know about you, but I’m seeing fun mushroom designs everywhere. 

So in this post, we’ve rounded up the best free crochet mushroom patterns to inspire your next creation. From mushroom amigurumi to purses to earrings, this collection of free crochet mushroom patterns will give you dozens of ideas. 

What do you want to make first? Here’s a quick overview of the mushroom projects that you’ll find in this list:

  • Mushroom amigurumi and gnomes
  • Purses, tote bags, and key covers
  • Appliques and granny squares
  • Pencil toppers (an easy gift or a fun desk accessory!)
  • Earrings and hats (talk about a statement piece!)
  • Pillows and throw blankets
  • Coasters and potholders

Crocheted mushroom projects are fun to make for yourself, give to a friend or family member, or bring to a craft show. 

Are crochet mushrooms a good project for beginners? 

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced crocheter, there is a mushroom project out there for you! 

While it’s true that some patterns might be more complex, many are super beginner-friendly. For those just starting out, check out the Mushroom Buddy Crochet Pattern (#10) Red Heart Polka Dot Mushroom Ornaments (#13), and Mushroom Grannies (#23).

30 Crochet Mushroom Patterns

Check out these free crochet mushroom patterns for your next project. Happy crocheting!

Supplies for Crochet Mushrooms

Always check your pattern’s supplies list before getting started on your project. Here are some of the most common supplies you’ll need to make a crochet mushroom pattern.

  • Crochet hook(s)
  • Yarn
  • Other notions (tapestry needle, scissors, stitch markers, polyfil, safety eyes, embroidery thread, measuring tape, keyring, etc.)

What yarn is best for making crochet mushrooms?

For mushroom amigurumi and home decor projects, cotton and acrylic yarn are good choices. Cotton tends to be more durable and has excellent stitch definition. On the other hand, acrylic is widely available and very economical.

Some popular yarns for crochet mushroom patterns include Lily Sugar’ n Cream, Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK, and Red Heart Super Saver. 

Crochet Techniques for Mushrooms

It’s a great idea to read through your pattern thoroughly before getting started to make sure you understand all of the necessary techniques. If not, take a few minutes to learn how to do each of the stitches before jumping into your pattern.

Here are some of the most popular techniques used in crochet mushroom patterns, with instructions and tutorials to help you along! 

Tips for Crocheting Mushrooms

Check out these tips for making your crochet mushroom pattern the best it can be!

Follow amigurumi tips and tricks.

If you’re crocheting a mushroom amigurumi project, here are some of our best tips:

First, consider using a smaller hook size than you would typically use. A smaller hook creates a tighter fabric that prevents the stuffing from falling out through your stitches.

Next, stuff your project as you go. This allows you to use just the right amount of stuffing. If you overfill, your project will be too stiff — however, underfilling leads to floppy amigurumi. 

Lastly, keep your tension even as you work through your project. Don’t be afraid to take a break and give your hands a rest if you need to!

Customize your mushroom pattern.

Customization is where the magic happens. Choose your ideal color combinations, add embellishments like beads, and embroidered detail to give your project a unique touch.

Bring your amigurumi mushroom to life.

To make your mushroom project even more fun, bring it to life with a smiling face! Use safety eyes (for older children or adults) or embroidered features to add eyes, a mouth, and other facial features. Remember that safety eyes can be a choking hazard for children under age 3. For small children, opt for embroidered eyes instead. 

More Crochet Patterns

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this list of easy crochet flower patterns. For even more crochet ideas, check out these related posts.

photo collage of four crochet mushrooms and two crochet mushroom pen toppers, with text overlay that reads, "30+ Free Mushroom Crochet Patterns"

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