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25 Free Knit Leg Warmer Patterns (For All Skill Levels!)

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 Looking for a fun, easy knitting project? These free knit leg warmer knitting patterns are calling your name! They add a fun pop of color and style to nearly any outfit while keeping your legs nice and toasty.

In this post, I’ll share my favorite free knitting patterns for cozy leg warmers. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced knitter, you’ll find lots of great options – let’s get started!

A photo collage, including three adults wearing knit leg warmers and one child wearing knit leg  warmers, with text overlay that reads, "25+ Free Leg Warmer Knitting Patterns"

Our Favorite Knit Leg Warmer Patterns

Fall, winter, or spring – leg warmers are perfect for keeping your legs cozy and warm. Wear them with skirts and leggings, boots and jeans, even over tights – legwarmers go with nearly everything in your wardrobe!

And since they’re such a fast, easy knit, you can make a pair in all of your favorite colors. Trust me, with all the beautiful patterns in this list, you won’t be able to stop at just one.

  • Easy and quick. Leg warmers are a perfect beginner project. They knit up quickly and don’t require a ton of yarn.
  • Customizable. Leg warmers can also be a blank canvas for more advanced knitters. Play around with different stitch patterns, colors, and yarn weights to make a pair of leg warmers that perfectly match your style.
  • Great gift idea. And if your dresser is full of all the leg warmers you can wear, they make a fantastic gift, too! Leg warmers are a super thoughtful present for anyone in your life – from babies to adults.

Whether you’re a beginner knitter or a seasoned pro, you’ll find something in this roundup of free knit leg warmer patterns.

Are leg warmers a good pattern for beginners?

Yep, leg warmers are great for beginners! The simplest patterns are knit in the round and don’t require any seaming or fancy techniques. Some of the best patterns for beginners from this list include:

Easy Leg Warmers (#2), Some Cloudy Day (#17), Everlong (#20), Tube Sock Leg Warmers (#21), and Red Heart Ballerina Bloom Leg Warmers (#25).

25 Knit Leg Warmers Patterns

Take a look at these free knit leg warmer patterns for your next knitting project.

Essential Supplies to Get Started

Here are some supplies you’ll need to make your pattern:

  • Yarn (of course!)
  • Knitting needles (straight, circular, and/or double-pointed needles)
  • Other notions (scissors, tapestry needle, stitch markers, measuring tape, buttons, etc.)

Choosing the Right Yarn

When it comes to leg warmers, shop for yarn that’s washable, durable, and elastic. After all, leg warmers need a little stretch! Worsted weight yarns in wool, acrylic, and cotton blends are all good choices for leg warmers.

We’ve included recommended yarns for each individual pattern to help make your search easy!

Techniques to Know

Your chosen pattern will guide you, but here are some techniques often used in knit leg warmer patterns: 

Tip: Read through your pattern carefully before getting started, and practice any stitches or techniques that you need to brush up on.

Tips for Knitting Leg Warmers

Choose the right pattern for your skill level.

Leg warmers can be as simple or complex as you wish, so choose a pattern that suits your skill level. 

And if you’re feeling adventurous, legwarmers are a great opportunity to try out new techniques on a small scale. After all, they’re a relatively small project that works up fast.

Make a gauge swatch.

Making a gauge swatch is a crucial first step for any knitting project. “Getting gauge” tells you you’re using the correct needle size to get your desired measurements. If your gauge is too small, go up a needle size. If it’s too big, switch to smaller needles.

Pick the perfect size.

Most of these legwarmer patterns are written in a variety of sizes. So take your measurements first, then select the size that matches up. For extra insurance, try your project on as you go to make sure everything’s on track!

Have fun with customization.

The beauty of knitting your own leg warmers is that you can customize them however you like! No other pair will be quite like yours. Have fun with your yarn and color choices, and play with stripes, solids, color blocking, or anything you love!

More Knitting Patterns

After you finish up that pair of leg warmers, check out some of these other free knitting patterns.

A photo collage, including three adults wearing knit leg warmers and one child wearing knit leg warmers, with text overlay that reads, "25+ Free Leg Warmer Knitting Patterns"

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