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17+ Free Hexagon Cardigan Crochet Patterns for Beginners

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Hexagon cardigans are taking the crochet world by storm! Also known as hexi cardis, these unique sweaters put a modern spin on the classic granny square style. Check out this roundup of the best free hexagon cardigan patterns, and find your next project!

pinterest image with background collage of 4 hexi cardigans with text overlay "17+ free hexi cardi crochet patterns"

Hexagon crochet cardigans, also known as hexi cardis, have exploded in popularity thanks to their unique construction and eye-catching look. They’re simple, trendy, and a satisfying project for crocheters of all skill levels. 

What is a hexagon cardigan?

The real magic of the hexagon cardigan lies in its innovative construction. To make one, you’ll first crochet two large hexagonal granny square motifs. Then, you’ll fold the hexagons and seam them together to form the basic cardigan shape. Next, you can extend the sleeves and body by crocheting additional rows.

Hexagon Cardigan Crochet Patterns

Here are some of our favorite easy beginner patterns to stitch up your own hexagon cardigans.

Can beginners crochet a hexi cardi?

Yes, beginners can absolutely crochet a hexagon cardigan! Here are a few reasons why this project is very beginner-friendly:

  • The basic hexagon motif used to construct the cardigan is simple and repetitive.
  • Customizing the size is easy since most patterns are “made to measure.” Add or remove rounds to make it longer, shorter, wider, etc.
  • Joining the hexagons together is quite straightforward. A basic slip-stitch seam or mattress stitch is all you need.

In this roundup, we’ve curated the best hexi cardigan patterns, from simple to more complex. Whether you’re a total beginner looking for your first sweater project or a seasoned crocheter looking for a fresh challenge, there’s a fantastic hexi cardi pattern here for you. Let’s get started!

Necessary Supplies for Hexagon Cardigan Patterns

To make your hexagon cardigan, you’ll need:

  • Yarn: Worsted weight or DK weight yarn is the most popular. Opt for soft, durable acrylic or wool blend yarns.
  • Crochet hooks: Size H or I hooks work well with worsted-weight yarns. Keep a few hook sizes on hand, and size up or down as needed to achieve the right gauge. 
  • Additional materials: Stitch markers, yarn needle for weaving ends, scissors, and optionally, buttons or clasps for closures.

Essential Crochet Techniques

Review these basic techniques before starting your hexagons:

  • Chain stitch – The foundation of all crochet projects.
  • Double crochet – The main stitch that forms the granny square clusters.
  • Slip stitch – A stitch to join rounds and seam pieces together.

Tips and Tricks

Keep these tips in mind for a fun and frustration-free hexagon cardigan experience!

  • Customize with color: One of the best parts of a hexagon cardigan is customizing your color scheme. Play around with different color combinations. Use a single color for a clean look or multiple colors for a funky effect. Gradient and variegated yarns are popular for an ombre effect without all the yarn ends.
  • Adjust sizing: The beauty of a motif cardigan is that it’s easy to adjust the size. Add rows to the back to extend the width, or add rows to the bottom to extend the length.
  • Pick the right yarn: Choose a yarn type that will drape nicely. Soft wools, cotton blends, or acrylic blends work well. The weight of yarn is also important. Worsted-weight yarn is a good choice for beginners, but explore DK or bulky weights for a different look.
  • Block your finished pieces: Blocking is a finishing technique that helps even out the size of each crocheted piece and makes the overall shape neater.

More Free Crochet Patterns

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pinterest image with background collage of 4 hexi cardigans with text overlay "17+ free hexi cardi crochet patterns"

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