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Lite Brite Pumpkins: a Halloween Decorating Idea

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Did you love Lite-Brites as much as I did as a kid?
Check out this amazing DIY pumpkin decorating idea.

This Halloween Diy idea is super simple too.

1. Pick a pumpkin, and hollow it out as usual. You may find that you need to make the walls a bit thinner so that the light will shine through the Lite-Brite pegs.
2. Poke holes for your Lite-Brite pegs in any pattern you want. You can go for an all over look, or make a shape with the pegs.
OR — You could also use a power drill to make holes for your pegs. Choose a drill bit that matches the diameter of your pegs, and go to town.
3. Insert your pegs, and your light. A regular candle could work, but you may want to go with a small battery powered “candle” for a brighter light.

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