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27+ Free Crochet Bracelet Patterns

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Looking for a quick and easy craft project, a last-minute gift, or just a cute way to accessorize an outfit? Crocheted bracelets are so much fun and perfect for beginner crocheters. In this post, I’ve rounded up a bunch of free crochet bracelet patterns you can whip up in no time. Enjoy!

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Free Crochet Bracelet Patterns

Crocheted bracelets are so fun and perfect for beginner crocheters. I love making crochet bracelets lately because they’re fast, customizable, and a great way to use up leftover yarn. Talk about a stashbuster!

Great for summertime! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good crocheted sweater or scarf when it’s cold out. But small, lightweight projects like crochet bracelets are great for summer – perfect for the beach or just throwing on with a sundress.

Easy gift idea! Bracelets also make unique, easy, and well-loved gifts. Because you can make crochet bracelets in an hour or less, they’d also be great to make as party favors or gifts for your whole friend group. 

Customizable! Lastly, crochet bracelets are super easy to adjust and customize. You could even add stitches to make your bracelet pattern into an anklet or necklace, or use it for something totally different, like a bookmark, mug decoration, or keychain.

Can beginners make crochet bracelets?

Bracelets are a perfect choice for crochet beginners! Most bracelets only require knowing a few basic crochet stitches. While almost all of the patterns in this list are suitable for crochet beginners, some of the quickest and easiest bracelets include My Favorite Bracelet Pattern (#6), ZigZag Bracelets (#10), and Red Heart Beginner Crochet Bracelets (#20).

27+ Free Crochet Bracelet Patterns

Take a look at this list of free crochet bracelet patterns for your next project. Happy crocheting!

Necessary Supplies

As far as supplies go, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Yarn. Lighter-weight yarns work best. Think fingering-weight, crochet thread, or embroidery floss. We’ve included yarn suggestions for each bracelet in the list below to make choosing it a little easier!
  • Crochet hook(s). Smaller-sized hooks, around 2.25mm, are best for intricate crochet work.
  • Other notions: measuring tape, scissors, tapestry needle
  • Customization options: clasps and closures, beads, embellishments

As always, check your pattern to see if any other supplies are required.

What size crochet hook is best for crochet bracelets?

You’ll want to use a small crochet hook to crochet with smaller yarns and embroidery floss. Size 2.25mm (or size B) is a great choice for many delicate crochet projects. You can also check your pattern for recommendations.

Find our favorite crochet hooks here!

Techniques to Know

Most bracelet patterns use basic crochet techniques, so they’re great for newbies. Here are some of the techniques and stitches you’ll need to know:

Tips and Tricks for Crochet Bracelet Patterns

Last but not least, here are a few tips for making crochet bracelets.

Maintain an even tension

Keep your stitch tension even. I know, easier said than done! But it really helps to get a straight bracelet with tidy edges. 

Try. it on before finishing.

Before you finish up your bracelet with a clasp, button, or knot, try it on to make sure it’s the right size. The great thing with crochet is you can add or remove stitches to get the perfect fit.

Finishing touches

When you’re done, add a little dab of Fray Check to the ends of your yarn. This adds extra durability that will keep your bracelet looking new for longer.

Make it your own!

Crochet bracelets leave so much room for creativity. Have fun with different colors, beads, and charms. I love customizing each bracelet for the person I’m gifting it to.

More Crochet Patterns

Check out these collections of free crochet patterns.

photo collage of three people wearing crochet bracelets, and one photo of a crochet multi-colored bracelet against white background. Text overlay reads, "27+ Free Crochet Bracelet Patterns"

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