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Fun Things to Send in the Mail

Now’s the perfect time to send a care package to your friends and loved ones — who doesn’t love receiving mail?

USPS is actually pretty flexible with what they will deliver to your front door, as long as you have a clear mailing address and enough postage!

Mail a Disposable Camera!

Send a Box of Twinkle Lights!

Here are some tips for sending irregular items through the mail.

1. Write the mailing address and return address on the same surface. My friends at the post office taught me this one. It’s best to avoid any chance of confusion over who is sending and who is receiving.

2. Mail that weighs 13 ounces or less qualifies for USPS’s wonderful, inexpensive first-class shipping rates.

3. You can take your mail to the post office desk to be metered or add stamps yourself and drop it in a mailbox. Both are fun, but stamps are often prettier! Plus, it’s fun dropping it in the big blue mailbox to send it on its journey.

4. You can mail something without a box? Yes. You can always send something in a box, but there’s something about catching a person off guard.