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The Easiest Caramel Apples — without dipping!

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Make delicious caramel apples with your kids this year.  No dipping in hot caramel here!

I have spent years perfecting a homemade caramel recipe. I finally, fin-al-ly have the caramel worked out. I can make a pretty heavenly batch.

But I always wanted to make the perfect caramel apple. I wanted one just as delicious as I find at our favorite pumpkin patch bakery this time of year. I usually dip my apples, but have been unsatisfied when some of the caramel slides down the slick apple skin.

Last night, I was making caramel, and
I discovered a trick.

Are you ready for it?

I made a batch of caramel, using this recipe.

I tucked some parchment paper in a bowl, and when the caramel hit 234 F (this was THE magic number for me, it’s the lowest softball stage) I drizzled a little puddle of caramel into the bowl. I did not dip the apple.

Then, I waited for the caramel to cool. And I wrapped the apple.

The caramel is super soft and chewy good, and it is fully intact around the apple. Oh yes. And it is now ready to be drizzled with chocolate and rolled in something delicious.

Or, if you want pure, unadulterated caramel on your apple, and this caramel is good enough to deserve it, you can smooth your caramel a little more. Put the entire caramel apple in a 250 F oven for a couple of minute, then smooth it by rolling it on parchment paper or rubbing it with the back of a spoon.

And I am so glad I figured this out.

I can tell you that to keep your caramel from slipping and sliding, make sure you have washed your apple thoroughly in very warm water. This both slightly cooks the skin of your apple and removes all the wax from the apple. The wax is part of what makes the caramel slide off.