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45+ Projects to Make with Granny Squares

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Ask any crocheter – granny squares are a classic! In this article, I’ll share 45+ of our favorite granny square projects with you. From cozy blankets to trendy tote bags, there are so many things to make with granny squares! Grab your hooks and let’s get started!

photo collage of two crochet blankets made from granny squares, a woman wearing a crochet sweater made from granny squares, and a crochet backpack sitting on a couch

Our Favorite Granny Square Projects

Granny squares are a classic, colorful crochet motif that you can use in all sorts of projects. They’re super fun to make, great for crafting on-to-go, and perfect for using up yarn scraps.

With a single granny square, you can make a potholder, coaster, or ornament. Or, by seaming multiple squares together, you can create larger projects like sweaters, blankets, bags, and more!

Can beginners make granny squares?

If you’re new to crocheting, granny squares are a great beginner-friendly project. You really only need to know a few basic stitches to get started – plus, they’re so quick to make!  

After you’ve gotten the hang of granny squares, try putting them together with one of the easier patterns on this list:  Ramona Scarf (#25), Granny Square Headband (#33), and Granny Square Dish Cloth (#37).

45+ Things to Make with Granny Squares

Take a look at this list of things to make with granny squares for your next project. Happy crocheting!

What kinds of projects can you make with granny squares?

Granny squares are so versatile! Here are some of the granny square project ideas you’ll find in this list:

  • Blankets
  • Bags
  • Sweaters and tops
  • Scarves, cowls, and wraps
  • Hats and accessories
  • Home and kitchen projects
  • Pillows
  • And more!

What you’ll need to get started

While you don’t need anything fancy to make granny squares, having the right tools does make the process more enjoyable. Here are some of my favorite supplies for granny square projects:

  • Yarn. Granny squares are the perfect way to use up leftover yarn! But if starting from scratch, try one of these popular yarns: Lion Brand Basic Stitch, Caron One Pound, and Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton. Remember that, in general, thinner yarns will create smaller squares, and bulky yarns will create larger squares. 
  • Crochet hook. Match your hook size to the yarn for best results. When in doubt, check your yarn label to see what size hook it suggests. Larger hooks are best for thick yarns, and smaller hooks are best for thinner yarns. 
  • Other notions. Scissors, tapestry needles, stitch markers, and a measuring tape are good to have on hand. If joining squares for a larger project, consider fabric lining, zippers, buttons, etc.

Crochet Techniques to Know

The basics of crochet are all you need to start making granny squares! Here are some essential techniques to know:

Looking for more info on granny squares before you get started? In our simple guide to crocheting a granny square for beginners, we’ll walk through the whole process, step by step! 

So, without further ado, let’s get to the good stuff: 45 granny square crochet patterns you’ll absolutely adore! 

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks for granny square success:

Check your gauge

One of the trickiest parts of granny squaring is getting the gauge right. Instead of giving a gauge in stitches per inch, most patterns will tell you the size of the finished square. To check your gauge, measure your granny square from edge to edge. If your square is larger or smaller than the pattern recommends, adjust your hook size as needed. (This step is crucial for clothing and large projects using many squares.)

Choose coordinating colors

Deciding on a color scheme can be daunting with so many options! The first step is choosing how many colors you want. Limiting your selection to 5 or fewer coordinating shades can help the project feel more cohesive. And adding a neutral background color like white or black makes a great base for adding pops of color.

Need more ideas? A color wheel is an invaluable tool for choosing hues that work well together. Or, use a color palette generator to create a custom palette from an inspiration image.

Block your squares

Take the time to block your finished squares before joining them together. Blocking your squares first makes them easier to seam together, and creates a cleaner and neater finish for your granny square project.

Even More Granny Square Patterns

If you like to crochet as much as we do, check out these related posts:

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photo collage of two crochet blankets made from granny squares, a woman wearing a crochet sweater made from granny squares, and a crochet backpack sitting on a couch

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