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25 Free Crochet Table Runner Patterns

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Nothing beats the charm of a handcrafted crochet table runner! Whether you want to showcase an antique wooden table – or just cover up a few scratches – these stunners make every surface look its best.

This post shares our favorite free crochet table runner patterns. Choose from cozy cottage patterns, minimalist modern designs, or delicate lacework – there’s a design here for every style. Let’s get started!

photo collage of four crochet table runners, including one table runner that reads, "thankful," with text overlay that reads "25+ Free Table Runner Crochet Patterns."

Free Crochet Table Runner Patterns

Crochet table runners are one of our favorite ways to spruce up your space because they highlight one of the main gathering areas – the table! 

Decorate your space. The table is the heart of your home, where you gather to share food, drinks, conversation, and quality time. A handmade table runner adds a special touch of beauty, color, and your own creativity to make this space extra inviting.

Protect your surfaces. We all have that one dining table or heirloom coffee table we want to last forever. A table runner helps protect surfaces that might otherwise be harmed by heat damage or stains.

Heartfelt gift idea. Lastly, table runners make fantastic gifts to give to new homeowners, newlyweds, or anyone who likes to create a beautiful home.

In this list, you’ll find lots of inspiration for crochet table runners that will accent your space beautifully. Whether your style is cozy farmhouse, sleek modern, or romantic lace, you’ll find a pattern that’s perfect for your home. 

Are crochet table runners a good project for beginners?

New to the world of crochet? No worries. There are lots of easy table runner patterns that are perfect for beginners. Start with patterns that focus on basic stitches, simple rectangular shapes, and easy-to-work-with yarns.

A few beginner-friendly patterns from this list include Crochet Table Runner (#5), Fall Table Runner (#14), and Pathways Crochet Table Runner (#20).

Supplies Needed for Crochet Table Runner Patterns

Here’s a quick list of the supplies you’ll need:

  • Yarn: Opt for durable, washable yarns that can stand up to spills.
  • Crochet hook(s): Check your pattern and make a gauge swatch to choose the right sized hook.
  • Other notions: Scissors, yarn needle, stitch markers, measuring tape, etc.

What type of yarn is best for table runners?

For table runners, choose a durable, easy-care yarn. Cotton and linen are excellent options – they can withstand messes and wash up nicely. For runners you’ll use around food and drinks, definitely opt for a machine-washable yarn.

As far as yarn weight goes, most table runners are made with lightweight or medium-weight yarns, like fingering, sport, DK, or worsted. A few of the most popular choices include Dishie Cotton, Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton, Scheepjes Catona, and Lily Sugar’ n Cream.

Techniques to Know

Not sure if you’re ready to make a table runner? Here are some common techniques and stitches you might need to know: 

Tip: Read through your favorite pattern, then practice any stitches or techniques you’re unfamiliar with.

25+ Free Crochet Table Runner Patterns

Check out these free crochet table runner patterns for your next project. Happy crocheting!

Tips and Tricks for Making Your Table Runner

When making a crochet table runner, keep these handy tips in mind:

Size it right.

Most table runner patterns are easily adjustable, so you can make yours as long or as short as you need. Measure your table first, then customize the length as needed for a perfect fit. 

Make a gauge swatch.

And speaking of the right size – be sure to make a gauge swatch! Crochet gauge swatch and adjust your hook size as needed to ensure your table runner turns out the correct size.

Block your work.

A quick blocking will help your table runner look its best. Blocking helps the runner lie flat and shows off the stitch pattern. It’s hard to set dishes on a ruffled or bumpy fabric!

Check the care instructions.

Spills happen! Read the yarn label for the care instructions to know how your fabric should be washed and dried.

photo collage of four crochet table runners, including one table runner that reads, "thankful," with text overlay that reads "25+ Free Table Runner Crochet Patterns."

More Free Crochet Patterns

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