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25 Free & Easy Crochet Keychain Patterns

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Crochet keychains are a fun way to add personal style to your keyring – and help you keep track of your keys at the same time! 

In this list of free crochet keychain patterns, you’ll find all sorts of practical and adorable designs – from amigurumi animals to colorful rainbows and so much more. We know you’ll love making a crochet keychain for yourself – and maybe one for a friend, too!

photo collage of crochet chicken keychain, purple striped sweater crochet keychain, brontosaurus crochet keychain, and fox crochet keychain, with text overlay that reads, "25+ Free Crochet Keychain Patterns"

Crochet Keychain Patterns

Crochet keychains are quick projects that are fun to make for yourself, for a friend, or to sell at your next craft show! 

Whether you choose an amigurumi penguin or a handy chapstick holder, you’re in for a fun crochet adventure. Here are some of the patterns that are included in the list below:

  • Crochet keychain animals, such as penguins, unicorns, dinosaurs, cats, foxes, chickens, and owls
  • Other various amigurumi, including a taco, avocado, rainbow, sunshine, cottage, and sweater
  • Practical patterns, such as a quarter holder, zipper coin purse, earbud holder, credit card pouch, chapstick holders, and various wristlet straps

Most of the easy crochet keychain patterns in this list are ideal for beginners, but there are a few intermediate patterns, too.

25 Crochet Keychain Patterns

Enjoy these free crochet keychain patterns for your next project. Happy crocheting!

Why Make Crochet Keychains?

Fast and fun. Crochet keychains are a joy to make! Take a break from your larger WIPs and whip up a quick keychain for some instant satisfaction! Many of these keychains can be made in an hour or less – some in just 15 minutes!

Functional. Besides being fun, crochet keychains are super practical! If you’ve been carrying your keys around on a simple ring or carabiner, adding an adorable crocheted piece to your ring will surely bring a smile to your face each time you grab your keys. Plus, it makes them harder to lose!

Learn new techniques. Lastly, small projects like keychains are also a great way to practice new skills without the commitment of a larger project. Talk about a win-win!

Supplies for Crochet Keychains

Now, let’s go over what you’ll need for your crochet keychain project:

  • Crochet hooks (of course!)
  • Yarn (we’ll talk more about the best types in a moment)
  • Other accessories (think tapestry needles, scissors, stitch markers, clasps, leather, polyfil, keyring, zipper, safety eyes, embroidery thread, and so on)

Read through your pattern’s supplies list before getting started to ensure you’ve got everything on hand.

What type of yarn is best for keychains? 

We recommend cotton yarn for keychains. Cotton is durable, easy to work with, and shows off your stitches. Worsted-weight cotton is a good choice, though you can adjust the size of your project by using a thinner or thicker yarn.

Some of our favorite yarns for making crochet keychains include Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton, Lily Sugar’ n Cream, and Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK.

Acrylic yarn can work, too, so don’t be afraid to use up any scraps you have left over from another project!

Crochet Techniques for Keychains

Depending on the pattern you select, you may need to know techniques such as:

Is a keychain a good beginner project? 

A crochet keychain can be a great beginner project, since they’re small, quick, and a great way to learn new skills. 

We recommend beginners choose a pattern that uses worsted weight yarn, since thinner yarns (and tiny hooks) can be tricky for beginners. 

Some easy crochet keychain patterns for beginners include the Keychain Chapstick Holder (#3), Cute Crochet Keychain Wristlet (#10), and Earbud Holder (#11).

Top Tips for Crocheting Keychains

Choose a durable yarn.

Because keychains go everywhere and often get tossed around, we suggest using durable cotton yarns, like Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton or Lily Sugar’ n Cream.

Use a tapestry needle to attach the metal to your project.

Attaching the metal keyring to your amigurumi project can be tricky at first. We find the easiest way is to use a tapestry needle to thread your yarn through the keychain. Then pull both ends of the yarn through your fabric, then tie a double knot, snip your yarn, and pull on your fabric slightly to hide the ends. Check out this tutorial if you need help!

Alternatively, you could crochet a loop with chain stitches and thread it directly through your keyring, as seen in the Mini Penguin Amigurumi Keychain pattern (#1).

More Crochet Patterns

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this list of easy crochet bookmark patterns. For even more crochet ideas, check out these related posts.

photo collage of crochet chicken keychain, purple striped sweater crochet keychain, brontosaurus crochet keychain, and fox crochet keychain, with text overlay that reads, "25+ Free Crochet Keychain Patterns"

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