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17 Free Crochet Octopus Patterns: Fun for All Ages

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Crochet octopus patterns are not only fun to make, but they’re also fairly quick projects that babies absolutely love! And while this list of free octopus patterns does include some great ideas for babies, you’ll find a wide range of adorable octopus projects for older kids too.

Keep reading to see our collection of adorable octopus patterns, from crochet octopus pillows and puzzles to squishy octopus plushies.

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Free Crochet Octopus Patterns

Crochet octopuses are cuddly, silly, and fun! For real, who doesn’t love a tentacled friend? 

This list has something for everyone who has an appreciation for these beautiful and unique sea creatures:

  • small, amigurumi crochet octopus patterns of all types
  • themed octopuses
  • octopus decor
  • and an octopus so tiny it can fit on your fingertip 

So get ready to dive in for some free crochet octopus patterns!

17 Free Crochet Octopus Patterns

Enjoy these free crochet octopus patterns for your next work-in-progress!

Crocheting Octopus Toys for Preemies in the NICU

But did you know that crochet octopuses are more than just cuddly toys? Crochet octopus toys are also used to comfort preemies in the NICU. These crochet toys help little ones regulate their breathing and grab onto the tentacles instead of their tubes and equipment. It’s pretty amazing what a little crocheting can do!

Are these octopus patterns beginner-friendly?

Most of the patterns on this list can be made by crochet beginners who have some experience with basic stitches, casting on, binding off, increases and decreases, and crocheting in the round. Just a few patterns included contain more difficult techniques – these would be an excellent choice for intermediate crocheters.

So, even if you haven’t been crocheting for long, don’t be afraid to dive into the fun of crocheting octopus patterns!

Supplies You’ll Need for Crocheting Octopus Patterns

Here are some supplies you’ll need to collect in order to make your crochet octopus pattern. Remember that every pattern is a little bit different, so you’ll want to carefully read through the supplies list in your specific pattern to ensure you have everything you need.

  • Yarn
  • Crochet hook (for amigurumi, you’ll likely need a hook a couple of sizes smaller than you’d normally use)
  • Other notions (tapestry needle, scissors, stitch markers, toy stuffing/polyfill, etc.)
  • Safety eyes (Please keep in mind that safety eyes do present a choking hazard for children under 3. Embroidered eyes and facial features are the best choice for little ones.)

What is the best yarn for crocheted octopus patterns?

For amigurumi octopus patterns, DK or worsted-weight yarn is the most common option. Cotton is a good choice since it shows the stitch definition well. However, nearly any fiber content will do. 

Some of our favorite yarn choices for crochet octopus patterns include Lion Brand Coboo, Red Heart With Love, and Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK.

To make the process quicker for you, we’ve included recommended yarns for each pattern below. Be sure to check your pattern to see how much yarn you’ll need. Many of the designs in this list are also great stash busters, so feel free to use what you have on hand! 

Amigurumi Techniques to Know for Crocheting an Octopus

Read through your pattern before getting started to make sure you are familiar with all the needed techniques. If not, check out one of the helpful tutorials below! These are some of the most commonly used techniques for crocheting octopus patterns and amigurumi.

Tips for Crocheting Octopus Amigurumi

Here are some helpful tips for crocheting amigurumi octopus patterns:

Use stitch markers to keep track of your rounds.

Most crocheted octopus amigurumi patterns are worked in the round. Using stitch markers is an easy way to keep track of your rounds while you work, without having to think too hard about which round you’re on!

Stuff your octopus firmly, but not too tightly.

When stuffing your amigurumi octopus, use enough stuffing so that it’s not saggy, but avoid using too much. It’s easy to overstuff your octopus, leading to a toy that’s more stiff than cuddly.

Sew the parts together securely.

When piecing your octopus together, be sure to take the time to stitch securely. If you’re giving your octopus as a gift to a little one, keep in mind that babies and kids are not always gentle with stuffed toys. It’s best to sew a little bit more securely than you think is necessary in order to avoid losing tentacles or other pieces of your octopus. 

Embroider the eyes on your octopus for small children.

While safety eyes sound safe, they can easily be a choking hazard if they’re pulled off or fall off your amigurumi. If your amigurumi octopus will be going to a home that has children aged 3 or under, it’s safest to embroider the eyes instead. 

More Crochet Patterns

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