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15 Free Crochet Baby Booties Patterns (Great for Beginners!)

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Who doesn’t love adorable baby booties? This list of easy crochet baby booties patterns is full of ideas for keeping those little baby feet warm and snug. Take a look and find booties of all types – sandals, flip flops, and even some stylish options like Converse and Mary Janes!

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Free Baby Booties Patterns

When I was pregnant, I had my heart set on making as many of the baby’s clothes and accessories as possible. I had always been interested in crochet, and I figured this was the perfect chance to give making baby booties a shot. I was amazed at how fun and easy they were to make!

Quick and easy. One of the things I love about crocheting baby booties is that they are so small and fast to make. You can finish a pair in just a few hours! Plus, because they are so small, they are perfect for stash-busting and using up leftover yarn.

Great gift idea. Another thing that I love about crocheting baby booties is that they make such a thoughtful and practical gift. Make these for a baby shower, pairing them with a crochet baby blanket, or bring them along when you go to meet a new baby! 

Small and portable. Since they’re not bulky or large, baby booties are great for crafting on the go. They’re great for making either in the summer or winter, too.

Whether you’re hoping to keep little toes warm, want a layer of protection for a toddler, or need a flexible summer sandal, you’ll find all kinds of options in this list of free crochet baby booties patterns. 

Crochet Baby Booties Patterns

Enjoy these adorable baby booty patterns! Happy crocheting!

Supplies for Crocheting Baby Booties

Before getting started, read through your pattern to find out what specific tools and supplies you’ll need. The most common items you’ll need include the following:

  • Yarn
  • Crochet hook (check your pattern to find out the suggested size)
  • Notions (scissors, yarn needle, buttons, etc.)

What’s the best yarn for baby booties?

Soft, washable, hypo-allergenic yarns are the best options for little feet. 

  • Premium acrylics like Lion Brand Basic Stitch and Caron Simply Soft are excellent choices. 
  • Avoid scratchy yarns, such as wool, and stiff options, such as cotton, as these might be uncomfortable for little ones.
  • Choose high-quality yarn. Handmade booties are a special gift that will be well-loved, so choose a quality yarn that will last!

Crochet Techniques to Know

It’s a good idea to read through your pattern’s instructions before starting to ensure you’re comfortable with all the techniques needed. Common crochet techniques required for making baby booties include:

Tips for Crocheting Baby Booties

Use soft, washable yarn.

Baby feet are soft and delicate, so choose a yarn that won’t scratch or be too stiff. Premium acrylics like Lion Brand Basic Stitch and Caron Simply Soft are good options. Most baby shoes are made of DK or worsted yarns.

You’ll also want to make sure that the yarn is washable. Baby items tend to need washing often, especially if your baby booties are made for a crawler or walker. For your convenience, we’ve included suggested yarns for each pattern below.

Make a swatch and check your gauge.

While crochet baby booties do usually have a bit of stretch to them, it’s still important to check your gauge to ensure a good fit. Baby feet grow quickly, and it would certainly be disappointing to end up with booties that are too small! 

Many of the sizes listed in the patterns can easily be adjusted up or down by choosing a different size hook.

Use stitch markers to keep track of your rows.

Baby booties are often crocheted in the round, and stitch markers can be very helpful for keeping track of where you are in your pattern.

More Baby Crochet Patterns

After you crochet your way through these baby bootie patterns, check out these free baby crochet patterns.

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Angie Owen

Saturday 11th of March 2023

Absolutely adorable patterns. I crochet for charity so I’m rearing to get started Angie OA